Friday, August 31, 2007

How Can I Say No to Yes to Carrots?

Yestocarrotshandcream_2I am totally fascinated by this next new line, YES TO CARROTS. They get right to the point! The line is based on the power of vitamins and minerals and the Dead Sea. We have all heard of the benefits from the Dead Sea’s mud that you can’t find anywhere else. Their products incorporateYestocarrotsbodycream_2 all the above to nourish and detoxify the skin. And the name? Each contains juices from carrots, oranges and others they pack in each. My pick of the moment is the Hand and Elbow Moisturizing Cream ($9.99/6.76oz) and the Body Butter ($12.99/8.45oz). Even if I can’t give my insides nourishment everyday, at least I can with my outsides. Both for great prices @


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