Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sun-Believable With Bliss

Bliss-a-tan-for-all-seasonsI happen to be a naturally pale girl with a love for the bronzed look. So, one could say that I’m a big fan of self-tanners. I have tried almost all of them searching for the ideal consistency, even fading, with a flawless natural look. This new one from BLISS, A Tan For All Seasons ($34/4.40z @, is one of the closest products I’ve used to obtain the ideal tint. The first thing I noticed was the color of the product right out of the can. Most self-tanners have an orange hue to its product, giving your skin a final output of that orangey look, which screams “tan out of a can”. This one comes out of the can with a purple tint, which at first made me nervous, but ended up drying to a warm, brown bronze. I loved the easy to spray method with its instant color to help create flawless coverage.
Another quality I look for in a self tanner is the final color staying on your skin and not seeping onto your clothing. This product dries quickly and didn’t budge thorough out the day!


My only warning with this product is to make sure that you wash your hands as quickly as possible or use gloves because it took about 3 washes with scrubber to get the color completely off the inside of my hands. My end thought was, I found my new self tanner, and as they say, it’s sun-believable.


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