Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scents of Summer

MANGIACOTTI FLORALS really goesMag out of their way to include special touches with their products, both inside and out. Every ingredient inside is based on essential oils, vegetable bases and other naturals ingredients. And since most are preservative free, you probably shouldn’t store them for too long after opening. That won’t be hard with their new Shea Butter Lotion in orange's cousin, Clementine ($19.75/9.4oz). This is such a fun fragrance! How many products come in the Clementine scent? It contains the aforementioned skin nourishing Shea butter and the scents lasts quite a while on my skin. And if you want to bring a little beauty into the kitchen they also have a Clementine Liquid Kitchen Soap ($16.95/12oz). This is a line worth checking out. Both @


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