Monday, May 21, 2007

Add A Little Glow

I recently discovered Mystic Tanning and like to do it every couple of weeks but I sure do realize how much I need it when I don't have a chance to get over there. Physformulaspf20_2 Here are a few bronzers and highlighters that help me not look so sullen and pale until I can get over to the salon again.



PHYSICIANS FORMULA Solar Power Bronzer SPF 20 ($11.95 @ is made for those who have sensitive skin (take a light hand with this one) and this one protects against UVA and UVB rays.


Mac_3 From the Balloonacy collection is the High-Light Powder in Mellow Rave ($22 @ from MAC. It gives a sheer kiss of shimmer and get it quick because it's limited edition so hurry.


The Glam Bronze Pressed Bronzing Powder ($12.99 @ drugstores nationwide) from L'OREAL's Bronze Rocks collection provides the tiniest of shimmer to formulas. Available in three colors: Golden Lights, Amber Lights and Terra Lights. Loreal


CLARINS Summer Fever Brush-On Bronzer ($28.50 @ is an on Clarinsbronzer the go tote-able. Each of the available shades, Natural Bronze and Golden Bronze, comes in a tube with a built-in brush. Very sheer powder.



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