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I have appeared on KABC-TV News in Los Angeles 3x's and Soap Talk as an Independent Beauty Expert and am always looking for other PR opportunities so please send an email.

If you are a company that would like to submit products for consideration, please contact me. Please note that I only feature products I love and believe in but I will feature a product that is great but needs improvement in an area. After all, companies retool products all the time. 

Things to keep in mind when pitching a product:

  • I have to try every product that appears on the site, no exceptions. Simply reading a press release doesn't tell me if it works or not. If you have a full size sample (the final packaging is also part of the review process), I'd love to try it and I am compliant with the new FTC Regulations with every review.
  • It can take up to 5 weeks for me to get to a product and try it out.
  • A product sent to me does not guarantee a review on my site. 

What I do: product reviews, reviews of beauty products, and then write about products. I think you get the point ...
What I don't do: list sales or discounts (even if they are beauty related), list upcoming events (yup, even if they are beauty related), or talk about fashion. There are plenty of sites that cover these and I want to be true to why I started the site in the first place -- to talk about beauty products.

Please send any inquires regarding PR to cybelesays@gmail.com


Banner ads and sidebar classifieds are available. I do not accept payment for content or links in content unless clearly marked like one that states it is a sponsored post.

As of August 2014:

Banner ads are available in the following areas: Above logo (up to 720pxls wide up to 90pxls tall), 

Next to banner (same size as above), Banners and texts in between posts and on sidebar range from Please inquire for pricing. 

Sorry but I do not accept "guest posts" on my site.

Sponsored posts are available. Please inquire.  


Payment must be received by Paypal or check before the advertisement runs and any banner ad must run for a minimum of 4 weeks.


If you are looking for something not covered here, email me for specific quotes. Ads run on all the pages.

Please send any inquires regarding advertising to cybelesays@gmail.com

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