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I have appeared on TV and in print as a Beauty Expert and am always looking for other PR opportunities like this so please send an email.

If you are a company that would like to submit products for consideration, please contact me. Please note that I only feature products I love but I will feature a product that is great but needs improvement in an area. After all, companies retool products all the time. 

Things to keep in mind when pitching a product:

  • I have to try every product that appears on the site, no exceptions. Simply reading a press release doesn't tell me if it works or not. If you have a full size sample (the final packaging is also part of the review process), I'd love to try it and I am compliant with the new FTC Regulations with every review.
  • It can take up to 5 weeks for me to get to a product and try it out.
  • A product sent to me does not guarantee a review on my site. 

If you would like me to list a sale, an event, recommendations from a doctor, a "How to..." story, or something specific along these lines, these would fall under the below "Advertising" category.  

Please send any inquires regarding PR to cybelesays@gmail.com


Sponsored posts are available, as well as brand-provided content for my social media channels: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


As of January 2015:

Banner ads are available in the following areas: Above logo (up to 720pxls wide up to 90pxls tall), next to banner (same size as above), and above "catefory" box. Please inquire for pricing. 


Sorry but I do not accept "guest posts" on my site.


Payment must be received by Paypal or check before the advertisement runs and any banner ad must run for a minimum of 4 weeks.


If you are looking for something not covered here, email me for specific quotes. Ads run on all the pages.

Please send any inquires regarding advertising to cybelesays@gmail.com

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