TV Appearances

(above) 'SOAPTALK' on the SOAP OPERA NETWORK - "Favorite Beauty Products" 

(above) KABC NEWS Los Angeles, CA "Beauty On A Budget" - Aired 4 times 


(above) KABC NEWS Los Angeles, CA "Best In Beauty" - Aired 4 times

(above) Cybelesays referenced on Home Shopping Network for Clean Fragrances - Aired 2007


(above) KABC News Los Angeles, CA - "Beauty Deals When On A Budget" - Aired 4 times



Tampa Bay Tribune 10/16/08

Beauty Editor: Fashion Indie 7/3/07 to 1/7/08

Contributing Writer: The Tip Jar 3/26/05, 4/20/05, 10/17/05

Interview about Blogging: Indie Business Blog 9/25/08, PR 101 Radio 7/23/08 Part 1, Part 2

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