Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Makeup Brand Alert! Introducing Velvet 59.

Have you heard of the VELVET 59 line yet? I’m not sure if the line is called Velvet 59 by Paris Manning or just Velvet 59. Anyway, the creator is a 22 year-old world traveler that grew up around cosmetics her whole life and looked up to the classic beauties of yesteryear and wanted to create a brand that captured that glamour but with a modern twist. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free and she uses some really unique ingredients in some of them.

Choose from lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, an eye shadow palette, contour palette and lip glosses.

First up, The Malibu Sunset Lipstick Collection. These creamy lipsticks in the metallic rose gold cases lasted about 4 to 5 hours on lips and each gave off a matte velvet finish. The four shades are totally wearable for a lot of skin tones. See anything you like? 


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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Benefit Cosmetics' Early Xmas Presents

I don’t think anyone thinks more about packaging than BENEFIT COSMETICS. They just came out with the perfect stocking stuffers, yup, 4 months early!

Each of these cuter-than-cute kits contains minis (I’d say some of them are deluxe sizes) of some of their best-sellers and two of the kits contain two new products. Yeah!

Are the Eyes are Your Calling Card?

They’re Real!: Sexy on the Run Mascara & Liner Kit ($32)

  • This one contains mini sizes of:
  • They’re Real! Push-up Liner
  • They’re Real! Mascara in Beyond Brown and Jet Black
  • They’re Real! Remover
  • Tips and Trick pamphlet


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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Make Everyday a Good Hair Day with Gray Away

I really loved being a redhead, burgundy red to be specific, but the upkeep was bananas. Water is the number one enemy of hair color so I cut down on swimming and when it was time for a root touch up? Getting to the salon took over my life! I mean, as soon as I saw some of my natural brown color come through next to my temples, I’d start planning my next touch up appointment. Sometimes there was only about 3 weeks between appointments.

So now I’m back to a medium brown but when any grays start poking through I'll have this on hand to combat them!


Gray Away is a temporary root concealer made just for women. And it’s quick – instant coverage of gray hair in 10 seconds, easy - the pinpoint spray applicator ensures precise coverage, and it looks natural.

Choose from two different formulas, Light Brown and Black/Dark Brown. The Light Brown matches medium brown to dark blonde hair shades and the Black/Dark Brown matches black to medium brown. Each contains self-adjusting technology to blend your gray roots with your hair color.


$9.99/1.5oz can = 40 applications @

You can also follow them on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest @grayawayeverpro and like on Facebook @grayaway.

And just for Cybelesays readers, get free shipping on your order now until August 31st. Just plug in the code FREESHIP when you check out!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All words are my own. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet the Champagne of Face Masks

With the exception of hair masks, I’ve pretty much stopped using face masks. My skin has entered a new phase known as hormonal acne, which I’ve discussed here before. So I’ve been sticking to using this product for the past month+ to try and get it under control and thankfully, it has worked.


So now back to trying something new! And this time it is LING SKINCARE’s latest SparkLING Makeover Mask ($80/4 masks @

Remember those oxygen bars that were hot for a minute? Think of this mask like one of those where the oxygen is directed onto the skin. It uses carboxy technology to draw out massive amounts of oxygen to the surface of the skin, which helps with firming and rejuvenation.

Apply one packet of the goo to the skin and then wait about 10 minutes or until the bubble noise has ceased. I used a small hair color mixing brush to apply it instead of my fingers but fingers work fine too.

So what did I think? While it’s doing its subtle bubbling, it kind of tickles! I did find myself giving a little scratch here and there. As far as how to mask works, in the two times I used it, I did feel like the surface of my skin got a boost of rejuvenation. No tightness or over cleansing with this one. This was quite a nice skin treat and less calories than a glass of champagne too. 

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

It's Time for Going Back to School Shopping! #ad

No matter how old I get, I always feel the “back to school” tingle as we get towards the end of August. It’s probably because the thought of going back to school was ingrained in my brain for 16 years!


So what was on your list of must-haves when you were going back to college? I went to school in a really small town with one drugstore, so loading up on essentials was, well, essential. A few on my list were always a good shampoo and conditioner, towelettes, extra deodorant and of course enough razors for the semester.

So heading to Rite Aid yesterday to pick up some things I was out of, back to school shopping was on my mind. And funny enough, the one drugstore in my small college town was a Rite Aid!


In my bundle, I picked up Schick Quattro for Women. There were two choices in color packs and I went for the multi with a purple, pink, blue and green.

And who doesn’t love a coupon? Here’s a buy one, get one so you too can stock up!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Round Up

Best reads from 'round the web!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

My Name is Cybele and I Support Sweatshops

It seems really strange to admit the above because the word sweatshop is such a dirty word. And it’s spawned what has become something called fast fashion Fast fashion = inexpensive, low quality clothing and accessories. Places where one would find fast fashion would be H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Gap, Walmart and the like. New stock comes in daily so the consumer always has something new to look at and buy, which is what I and I’m sure people now come to expect.

I’ve gotten very caught up in some of the above stores over the years. I mean, why pay $25 for a bib necklace on discount shopping sites like Rue La La and Ideeli when I can get it at Forever 21 for about $5.80? It got to the point where I was visiting a Forever 21 every week for a few months just because I didn’t want to miss out on anything they put on the floor. The latest was great and all but just wait until next week where I might find something even better! My thinking was why not? My purse strings could handle it. I mean I wasn’t usually spending more than $50 in a whack, and that’s how I justified it. But sadly, it adds up. Not only the bills but also the useless clothing and accessories I had acquired, most of which I didn’t even want or wear. It was the thrill of the hunt that had me hooked.

The above was a cycle for me and also an addiction and right now I seem to be in the ‘off’ mode where I’m really scrutinizing purchases with, “will I really wear/use that?” and “do I need it?” 90% of the time the answer is no, so for now, I’ve been able to control it. But when will the urge strike again? Do I need help like Shopper’s Anonymous? While I’ve wondered both, I can see exploring it to find out what’s behind it and I also have the feeling I’m not alone.

It seems odd to me to talk about this topic on a site about beauty products and what’s coming out, but it’s just really struck me lately how huge fast fashion in this country. We want things now and at a really low price. So this got me thinking, where does it end? I mean, I can’t be 100% guilty of this without something there to feed my addiction.

Thankfully documentaries and things I have read online have helped me realize that I’m not the only one feeding the beast and companies in this category are making huge amounts of money but at whose expense? It seems all of ours but mostly foreign workers and the earth.

We’ve all heard about brands moving their manufacturing out of the country due to cost and I remember hearing about the horrible conditions in NYC sweatshops but those pretty much don’t exist anymore. By having items made abroad, the bottom lines are even broader and these big corporations have gotten used to having their garments made for pennies on the dollar, which is why they are able to sell it to us consumers for a super low price all the while still making a nice profit on each piece. It’s a vicious circle with no winners besides those at the top. 

Two of my favorite brands, Stop Staring! and Pinup Girl Clothing, make their items in the US and the prices reflect that. Many times I’ve found myself wishing their items were less expensive but one has to pay for labor that is being paid at a fair living wage.

And the term ‘Made in America’ is a tricky one. Made can mean just assembled here but the “pieces,” so to speak, are created abroad, so until we are able to educate ourselves, I guess we are going to have to be in the grey zone with this.

So where do sweatshops exist? Any place where there is a vulnerable population, which is usually in third world countries like Bangladesh, China (still), Indonesia, India and I’m sure places I’m not even aware of because it’s very hush-hush for these manufacturers. Remember the Kathie Lee Gifford scandal in the mid-90’s about her clothing line? PR disaster.

And unfortunately manufacturing companies in these cities compete with others to offer the lowest price to make the garments to these gigantic corporations so if they don’t offer a good price, they don’t get the account. And sometimes the jobs are outsourced even further so that the big corporations can distance themselves from a scandal should it arise, and it has.

Thankfully there are people that are exploring the issue and putting it on blast. Films like “Behind the Swoosh,” a documentary about Nike’s practices, “This World: Clothes to Die For,” a doc by the BBC about the Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka, India in 2013, which killed more than 1,100 workers, to the latest one, “The True Cost,” are thankfully exploring the subjects but is anyone really listening? I mean where does it end? Yes, we want to pay the lowest we can for an item and corporations are giving us that but there is a cost to it. Not only the exploitation of people but also the killing of the earth. Faster and quicker comes at a price for all of us so how can we keep up the pace? I don’t think we can and at least I’m not feeding into the cycle … this week. 

# # # 

Here are a few links you may want to check out regarding this issue:

Something that got me off my butt to finish this story was this report about it on just the other day

I came across this while researching this story - Made In LA

A Ted Talks about Chinese garment workers. 

And from Huffington Post, 16 fashion brands that are “Made” in America

Films about sweatshops -

15 Most Notorious Sweatshops of All Time.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Redken Creates the All-In-One for Hair

Redken-One-United-All-In-One-Multi-Benefit-TreatmentBy now we’ve all seen multi-tasking face products like BB and CC creams, but I can’t recall too many ones for hair. Leave it to REDKEN to put out one that does it all. One United is an all-in-one multi-tasker that’s made for all different hair types.

And they’re claiming 25 benefits in all like preventing split ends, protecting from heat tools (an ingredient  inside called Kera-Care), controls frizz, safe for color-treated hair, considered a hair primer, and a detangler (from their Cationic Complex), among others.

And this one can be used a few different ways – alone after cleansing or to refresh between washes, as a leave-in-treatment, or as a styling product. Personally I prefer the last one as I’m always cautious of using multiple hair styling products on my hair before blow drying for the fear of not only weighing it down but also making it greasy, both of which have happened!

$22/5oz @ for salon locations. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gilt x Lancôme Je T’aime Paris Deal on!

LeSalon-by-SofitelHow often do you shop on I seem to go through phases of purchasing deals on it and others like it and recently I’ve been in a “yes, I’m looking for great deals,” period.

And recently one of the offers to check out one of the salons participating in a deal on peaked my interest. Gilt City has teamed up with Lancôme to bring you the Gilt x Lancôme Je T’aime Paris to bring you a collection of Francophile experiences in the following cities: Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York and each option will delight each of your senses with 4 different deals now taking place until July 30th:

  • 20% of online purchase (national offer)
  • Meal for two for $35 (that’s 28% off) @ Pitchoun! Bakery in DTLA
  • Small Bites & Kronenbourg Tasting for Two for $20 (that’s 28% off) @ Taix French Restaurant in Silverlake.
  • Various Hair Services at LeSalon by Sofitel in Beverly Hills (haircut & blowdry $79, single-process color & blow-out $99, or partial Balayage or foil highlights & blow-out $155 – each about 40% off their normal fee).

Since I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to brunette from a redhead, I chose the single-process color & blow-out and Gia took great care in bringing my strands back to a nice chocolate brown.

And I must say LeSalon has some unique benefits attached to it that I’ve never seen a salon offer – use of their pool and SOFIT gym before or after your hair service, access to the spa with showers, lockers and saunas and they even have a nice outdoor courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the LA weather.

Opened earlier this year on January 7th, I’m sure LeSalon will thrive with its competitive prices, amenities and of course the convenient location right across from the Beverly Center. 

Pick up your deal here only until July 30th @

Disclosure: I received a complementary single-process color and blow-out for this review. All words are my own. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Customize It with the Latest from BUXOM

This is a pretty cool release from BUXOM. It’s their Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette where each shadow is primer-infused, so you are taking out a step in your beauty routine and you decide which rectangle of color goes inside each palette.

See more pics after the jump!



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