Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trend Alert - Cushion Foundations

While cushion foundations certainly aren’t anything new to the market, their popularity seems to come and go, interestingly enough. I think the first one I ever came across was from Stila and their Pivotal Skin Liquid Makeup SPF8 compact quite a few years ago.

Anyway, what I like about these is mainly the convenience factor. I mean, how many times have you toted your foundation bottle inside your bag? Ummm, never! Popular in Korea, these cushion compacts have been compared to something like a BB cream in a compact, which I never thought of. I mean, they have the tint, the SPF and usually quite a few skin care ingredients. So the benefits of a liquid foundation married to a BB cream inside a totable compact. Ok!

So what’s with the inside sponge? It stays put inside the compact and is able to give off the right amount of foundation when you dab it with another application sponge. I know, how was this ever thought up?

I wrote about this one a few months ago and the latest ones I’ve tried are from the AMOREPACIFIC line, which is, funny enough, a Korean brand. I always considered this brand just skin care, so I was surprised to see this from them. They have 3 different ones unique benefits:

Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($60 @ amorepacific.comnordstrom.com, bloomingdales.com) – contains bamboo sap to help with moisture and has a light coverage. Available in 5 shades.

Sun Protection Cushion SFF 30+ ($40 @ amorepacific.comnordstrom.com) – contains Purslane (a major anti-aging ingredient) and plum extracts. No color.

Age Correcting Foundation Cushion SPF 25 ($80 @ amorepacific.combloomingdales.com, nordstrom.com) – contains green tea polysaccharides, Green Tea Miracle and is a full coverage foundation. Available in 5 shades.



Are you into this trend? Let me know if the comments!

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Is This THE 1-Minute Skin Pick-Me-Up?

I don’t think you could get a quicker skin pick-me-up than this M-61 PowerGlow Peel. Have you heard of this M-61 line yet? It was created by the Co-Founder & CEO of the Bluemercury beauty stores, Ms. Marla Malcolm Beck, and is a full line of skin care free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. After 13 years, I’m sure she’s seen a lot as in holes in the skin care industry, so you might want to check this line out.

So back to this peel! What it is: a 1-minute, 1-step exfoliation peel that uses glycolic and salicylic acids in a convenient towelette to, well, do everything you need it to do – reduce pore size, exfoliate, help reduce hyperpigmentation spots and scars and calm the skin overall.

The only thing I can't seem to find it how much of these acids are inside each pouch. It doesn't say on their website or on the back of the box. Hmmm... no bueno, in my opinion. In an arena that can be so confusing, it's nice to be educated when you can be but I'm guessing since these are for home use, they don't contain a medium or high amount that you'd find in a doctor's office of either ingredient. 

And the 8" x 8" sheet is more than enough to cover the face, so after using it, I apply a round to the backs of my hands and decolletage! 

Choose from 3 different size: $28/10 treatments, $62/30 treatments, $110/60 treatments @ bluemercury.com, macys.com.

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Neal's Yard Remedies & Deliciously Ella Team Up

Since writing about beauty, I tend to change out my skin care products about every 6 weeks because they take longer to test out. Two I’ve been delighted with is NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash ($25/3.38oz @ us.nyrorganic.com ) and Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Moisturizer ($40/3.38oz @ us.nyrorganic.com).

Don’t the names of the products just sound good enough to eat? After being diagnosed with a rare condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, Ella Woodward from deliciouslyella.com had to look seriously at everything – from what she put in her body to on her body.

Working closely with the team at NY Remedies, she created two skin care products that incorporated some of her favorite ingredients like rose, toning lime, cooling cucumber and antioxidant-rich blueberries and acai. All of which are inside her two products! Go figure.

And I really love that she put her money where her mouth is and put out a cookbook in addition to the products called Deliciously Ella Every Day ($15.63 @ amazon.com). It highlights plant-based and gluten-free meals, from breakfast to healthy eating on-the-go (including my favorite of the moment to make, smoothies) to easy weekday dinners and even simple sweets. I have a good friend who keeps her rheumatoid arthritis at bay with her diet and can’t wait to share this book with her!

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Urban Decay Gets Razor Sharp with their Latest

My two favorite categories of makeup right now have to be eye liners and liquid lipsticks. I just can’t seem to get enough of them! And right now all the fall products are in full swing so you’ll probably see these Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliners ($22 @ urbandecay.com, ulta.com) from URBAN DECAY in the stores right now.

What it is: The ultimate liquid eyeliner that’s so perfectly precise, it’s crazy-sharp. Our intensely pigmented Razor-Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner lasts all day and comes in everything from lacquered creams to metallic shimmers. And the fine-tipped brush applicator lets you lay down sharp liquid lines – draw them super thin or thick and bold even spot-reapply with ease. Plus, Razor Sharp comes off easily with makeup remover for no-full remover (and no raccoon eyes!).


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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Is This Your Fall Palette?

I admit that I’m wary of these huge generic-looking looks-like-it-was-bought-as-the-99cent-store eye shadow palettes like this one shown here. But I did find a small, “woooow,” slip outta my mouth when I opened it!

I mean the name, Fall Into Frost Palette (#35F), is just so fitting for right now, not to mention the colors inside, they all just whisper fall. This one comes to us from MORPHE BRUSHES and it’s my first try of the brand ever.



This 9” x 6” palette contains 7 new matte shades and 28 metallics, so 35 colors in all and for $22.99 @ morphebrushes.com. That’s 66 cents a shade! Count me in. And check out the quality of the shadows on my fingers! I guess it really is true that we mostly pay for packaging when buying a product these days as I can think of a few brands off the top of my head where the quality doesn't meet these and theirs usually cost double. 

What look would you create with this palette? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Is This Your Holy Grail Liner?


This MAYBELLINE Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner in Black ($7.99 @ ulta.com, drugstore.com) seems to be residing between a liquid liner and a pencil liner. It’s part of their fall collection and I don’t think this color could be any blacker!

This is probably the closest to an overall Sharpie-look of an eye liner I’ve ever come across – the liner tip and pen-like case and even the color on the skin. And what I like about this most is that I can choose from a thin or thick line across the lid.

And this didn’t bleed at all, which is a very important trait to me, and lasted an average of 8 hours before starting to wear off.

Some may find this one a tad difficult to wield as the tip is rounded instead of pointed, which I mentioned above. This works fine for me but I found that I had to draw a medium to thick line by default because of the shape, so if you’re a novice, you may not want to start with this one.


Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I’m Showing #ShoeLove to #Amopé This Season

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions, photos and text are all mine.

I officially tucked my flip-flops away this past weekend and will be pulling out more of my actual shoes now that we are on fall's doorstep. And for me, with actual shoes comes the need for foot support. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one on the planet who has an actual shoe box full of full support products! Shoe too big? I have something for it. Shoe rubbing on a toe? I have something for it. And when I'm out shopping for new shoes I keep the contents of what's inside this box at the back of my brain and will even buy ½ size up to accommodate, if I think I'm going to need something extra inside my shoe.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is Debbie Meyer Your Answer?


I know you come here for my write-ups on beauty but every once in a while I come across something in another category that is just so much better than the rest so I just have to share.

Ok, set the scene, you belly up to the kitchen sink to take care of the evenings dishes and like every night, you grab hold of that gross/stinky/disgusting/ insert your own word here, which is growing mold and teaming with bacteria and proceed to spread those germs all over your dishes, cutlery, glasses, not to mention my hands, eww.

So with my conventional sponge, I tried a few things like microwaving it, which I found on Pinterest. But I’m not too sure what I’m heating up and how safe that is so just I tried changing it out more frequently but then I felt wasteful, especially to the wallet.

Then, while flipping through the channels one day, I came across the DEBBIE MEYER GeniusSponge with Scrubber. The GeniusSponge is made of polyurethane and inhibits the growth of anything and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. And they claim that theirs will last 15 times longer than the traditional cellulose sponge not to mention it can suck up more water. So after I retire one from dish washing, I transfer it over to house cleaning.

And no, I’m not being paid to tout this, I’m just an average female that needed something more than those gross sponges I’ve had to suffer with.

Need more reasons to buy? When using the scrubber on eggs or baked on food, the residue will not stick to the sponge! Now I wasn’t used to that the first few times I used it but now I expect it.

Normally a set of 3 sponges cost an average of $3 so yes, @ $27.95/12 sponges or $2.32 per sponge is significantly more than you’re used to paying but since I get more “life” when I use one of these sponges, I think I’m getting a better value, or at least my nose and dishes are. I’m a convert. Get yours @ hsn.com

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Flawless Cat Eye Every Time

It seems that Makeup Artist Beth Bender has made it her mission to help women easily create different eye looks. I wrote about these eye stencils a little while back and she’s back with a new product that’s getting a lot of attention right now.

BETH BENDER BEAUTY Eye Candy Starter Pack ($9.99/14 pairs) and Eye Candy Pro Pack ($19.99/36 pairs) and I’d say these are the easiest of all her products to use.

What it is: And eyeliner stencil made from a gentle adhesive material that is hypoallergenic, fits any eye shape or size, and made in the USA.


And they are super easy to use – peel off one eyeliner stencil at a time, pulling it off from the outer rounded edge part or tear away the perforated piece located on the eye liner stencil sheet. Stick the adhesive side down on your eyelid keeping in mind how thick or thin you want the line to be. Smooth the whole stencil down with your finger so there are no gaps or lifts. They recommend applying both stencils before applying any color.

What I like: This is especially great for those with hooded eyelids, like me, since getting the perfect cat eye can be super difficult! Yeah, finally, I won’t have to struggle with getting the best looking cat eye I can as one eye always looks better than the other.


As far as what the easiest way to apply the stencils to your eye? For the first time on this site, it’s hard to say since everyone’s eye shape is different. I’ve used these about 5 times and I don’t think I’ve applied them the same way each time.

I tried using these stencils with a powder, a cream, liquid and a gel and these work with all of them, so would I recommend these? A big YES!  Pick yours up @ bethbenderbeauty.com.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

5 Beauty Tools You Need

ARTIS Elite Oval 7 ($65 @ artisbrush.comspacenk.com) – A new addition to the brand, this one is a little bit smaller than my beloved Oval 8 so it's a tad easier to maneuver and I've almost exclusively been using it to applying my liquid foundation these days.

2. BEAUTY BLENDER Sur.face Simple ($30 @ beautyblender.com) – known for their cult-favorite sponges, I’m really hot on this palette to mix my Cover FX Cover Drops with its medium, tap out some mineral powders out of their tubes, or play around with some different creams to create a new shade for my lids or face.

3. MUA MAKEUP ACADEMY Lash Separator ($10.50 @ cvs.com and CVS stores nationwide) – I recently broke my Holy Grail lash separator but glad I found this one in its place. It is curved the same as your eye so easy to quickly run it through lashes.

4. URBAN DECAY Iconic Eyeshadow Brush ($24 @ urbandecay.com, nordstrom.com) – if you get one eye brush in your collection, make it a great one like this. It’s the perfect width and length and can handle a lot of different products.

5. REAL TECHINQUES #301 Flat Contour Brush ($21 @ realtechniques.com) from the Bold Metals Collection – this short, compact, and dense brush is great for applying liquid or cream foundations, blush and bronzers.

And I think I'm ready to add one of these to my Holy Grail list! Yup, it's the MUA Makeup Academy Lash Separator. I had one just like it on my list but this one is less expensive than that one and easier to get hold of. As you read above, I was ready for a new one so help me welcome MUA Makeup Academy Lash Separator to the Holy Grail list of beauty products! What's on your list? 

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

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