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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Never Need Help Putting On a Bracelet Again

I admit I stop on QVC and HSN when channel surfing and quite a few times I’ve bought exactly what they’re talking about at that time. But this next one has to be a necessity for every woman out there!

It’s called QUICK CLASP and it sure is correctly named. What is does is acts as an extra hand when putting on a bracelet.

How many times have you wanted to put on one of your clasp bracelets and spent the next 10 minutes playing chase the closure?? With this, you will get in right every time.


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Friday, November 28, 2014

The 2014 Cybelesays Holiday Gift Picks

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving and time for my Annual Holiday Gift Guide! This year I will be expanding it to include non-beauty related items as I’ve come across some things this year that would make great gifts.

And as usual, you’ll know something is a gift pick by the holiday-related picture next to the photo. This year I chose a cute snowman. So let's kick it off with this one... 

As my first pick of the guide, I received this for my birthday and I’ve used it quite a bit and not just on my jewelry.

What It IsBOGUE SYSTEMS Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner + Blitz Liquid Jewelry and Gem Cleaner - $23.49 @

Why I Like It: You can use this big-as-a-small-loaf-of-bread machine to super clean not only jewelry but really anything metal that will fit into the 6” x 3 ½  stainless steel tank. It does coins, watches (there’s a special piece included so you can clean your watch), eyeglasses and so much more! I had a blast walking around my house and looking through drawers for items I could give a 3-minute run to.

This has truly brought quite a few of my items back to wearable condition again. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Week’s Fixation!

It seems like every week I get fixated on something I need, want or want/need to do. And it can be triggered by anything! For example, I was cruising through Pinterest a few days ago and while I have seen knuckle rings many times before and even own a set of three that fit on the top part of my ring finger, I saw some that were more than just a single band that I became fixated on!

While I get fixated on beauty products … a lot, I also get obsessed with other things, so I’m starting an on-going feature called This Week’s Fixation! Some will be about or include beauty, some won’t, so stay tuned and please share your current obsession with me in the comments, won't you?

Below is a glimpse into what this week's borderline obsession is! So what is it? Click after the pic.



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