* Ingredient Disclaimer

This is in effect since 6/2010

Since featuring this story, I promise to the best of my ability of being just an average girl and using the various websites for reference, to notify you when I see a beauty product that includes what some might consider a questionable ingredient, which seem to primarily be in hair and body products.

Some ingredients are only considered questionable depending on how much of the ingredient is in the product and how long it is left on the skin. Yes, I agree but since I am not a chemist and am just going by what I see on the label and a company's website, if they don't tell me that, then I am going with what I see in front of me. I have only seen this issue addressed by a few companies (bwitchingbathco.com and one other one I can't recall at the moment). Hopefully more will help educate us on this topic!

So as I am not spending all my time finguring out ingredient lists, I will be scrutinizing the first 5 ingredients in each product (just like food products, ingredients are listed in order of quantity). I'll also let you know if the product has a nasty preservative inside of it.

If there is a questionable ingredient, it will be listed at the end of the review like this:

“This product contains Mineral Oil, which is seen by some as an ingredient of concern. Read more here."

Then you can make up your own mind. So they will be called “an ingredient of concern,” and be listed at the end of a reviews with a link to read more about it. You may not care but I feel it’s good to have the option and I just don't feel that websites are covering this topic enough these days. Please note that some ingredients show up that they have insufficient data in that not enough research is available right now on if it is 100% safe or unsafe.

Sites I am using for reference: Cosmetic Ingredient Review, Beautypedia.com, and Cosmeticsdatebase.com.

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