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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hotheads Helps Hair

Ok, a new season means two things for me, get a new toothbrush and check into the wear of all my hairbrushes. Now as you can probably guess, since I have this here blog, I own and try a lot of hair brushes but I’m still always looking out for the latest and greatest to try on my tresses.

So the latest one is HOTHEADS’ 3D Bristle Pattern Brush. The 3-D part is that is has a 3-dimensional bristle pattern made up of white boar bristles, black boar bristles and nylon ball tip bristles. Because it has all three, they claim it speeds up drying time by 50 to 60 percent! I think that in addition to the bristles, also the fact that this brush makes it so much easier to get through all the sections of the hair because it doesn’t tire out the arm so quickly. I really do feel like I am in control of my hair and my hair is not in control of me because it’s sooooo light!! I would guess this brush weighs no more than a mouse. And the shape of the brush head is concave like this one to help keep the hair on the brush. Comes in Small ($18), Medium ($24.50), and Large ($29.50) @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.

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