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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I'm Loving Right ... Now, The Makeup Edition


From L to R clockwise:

Matte Lippie Love - CAILYN COSMETICS Extreme Matte Tint in #3 Illusionist - $19 @ – matte lippies are my thing right now, what can I say and this rosy nude goes great with everything.

Shadow Love - DOLCE & GABBANA Perfect Mono Cream Eye Color - $36 @ and – this is the first go-around in the category of cream shadow for the brand and I must say they’ve done a good job – 14 long-lasting shades with great textures and finishes like matte and pearls to choose from. Color picks: Dahlia (shown here) and Cocoa.

Hot Pink Lippie Love - SHU UEMURA Vision of Beauty – Rouge Unlimited in Fuschia - $30 @ – I’m a sucker for hot pink lippies and this one from Shu, with its hybrid pigment, is a really nice surprise for fall.

Nude Gloss Love - AERIN Weekday Lip Gloss - $30 @ – it’s not often that I reach for a lip gloss but for some reason, a true nude lippie makes your look, well, look the most polished. And this nude gives color! Nothing worse than a nude that skimps on the pigment.  

Primer Love - COVER FX Calming Primer - $38/1oz @ – if your skin is sensitive or you have Rosacea, this face primer was made just for you. The Endothelyol inside relieves redness and they’ve also included St. John’s Wort inside to handle inflammation.

Face Illuminator Love - MIRABELLA Faerie Sparkle Swirling Pearl Brilliant - $40 @ – holiday parties are upon us, so why not add a touch of pearly glow to your cheeks and décolletage? This mineral-based highlighter is one of the better quality ones I’ve seen in some time.  

Monday, June 02, 2014

5 Must-Have Summer Products

A Makeup Primer
SKINDINAVIA The Makeup Primer Spray ($49/8oz, $35/4oz @ – a skin primer is going to help your makeup stay on your face where it belongs and not melt off any quicker then it has to. This one is the first face mist primer I’ve seen and I love that you just mist it on and then you’re onto your next step of foundation. Also available in an oil-free version.

Waterproof Mascara - URBAN DECAY Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara ($20 @ and – nothing worse than coming out of the pool or ocean with black mascara running down your cheeks. Not sexy.

A Continuous Spray SunscreenHAWAIIAN TROPIC SPF 30 Dry Oil Clear Spray Sunscreen ($8.99/6oz @ – I’ll use a dry oil over a heavy lotion any day during the hot summer months and this one has sunscreen in it? Woo-hoo, double-duty, baby! And this is one of those continuous spray ones so you can get in in those hard to reach places on the body!

Non-Moving Lip ColorKAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Love ($19 @ – who wants their hair getting stuck in lip gloss when the summer winds blow? Not me! This one dries down to a super matte finish; almost too matte but better to have color then none at all. And these lasts for hours on lips! Shown here in Bauhau5, a deep raspberry.

Bright TipsNAILS INC. Gel Effect Polish ($14 @ – I just picked up this bright red called St. James shown here last weekend (Mayfair Lane also shown here, a dusty pale pink) and wow, does this polish totally rock! I was sick of taking the time to put on a flawless manicure on my fingernails only to have it start chipping within 24-hours. This formula uses a plasticiser technology to create the glossiness and longevity of a salon gel polish but without the price tag or removal process. 

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

Friday, January 31, 2014

New from Tarte! Colored Clay CC Primer

just came out with a bunch of new products for spring and today I want to show you the Colored Clay CC Primer.

What It Is: A multi-tasking complexion corrector. Made with super anti-oxidants and Amazonian colored clay, this primer brightens skin, blurs imperfections and neutralizes any redness and discolorations. Use this one before foundation as your primer.  

My take: At first I thought this was a primer and stick foundation in one since it comes in 5 different shades but it’s not. It’s just a tinted primer and while I thankfully don’t need the redness cutting part of this product, I’m sure digging the blurring imperfections and brightening properties of it.


This is for sure my new favorite primer. $34/.51oz @ and

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Clinique Adds Some CC to Their SP

File this next one under, if your face can dream it up, CLINIQUE’s new Superprimer Face Primers can handle it. The brand just came out with 6 new oil-free ones that are made just for perking your skin up to be its best.

They are:

Universal Face Primer (no color), Colour Corrects Dullness, Colour Corrects Redness, Colour Corrects Sallowness, Colour Corrects Discolourations, Colour Corrects Dullness in Deeper Skins.

I’ve been alternating between the one made for Dullness and Sallowness. Not only does it create a nice canvas for my foundation to go onto but it seemed to lessen the dullness my skin has been experiencing lately. Did it make it go away? Not quite but it helped my skin look a little more vibrant than it's been.

I bet these kind of correction primers will become quite mainstream like tinted moisturizers have.

Is this something up your alley? $27/1oz @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Who Says A Primer Can Last 15 Hours?? They Do.

I’m always a little suspicious when a product claims “24-hour wear” or in this case, “15-hour wear.” How can they really test that it lasts that long (would love to see the procedure!) and isn’t it really just a name they can give the product? In any case, the latest long-wearing product is BENEFIT COSMETICSStay Flawless 15-Hour Primer Base ($32 @ This one is an invisible face primer used before any tinted moisturizer or foundation to prolong the wear.

Benefit-Stay-Flawless-15-Hour-PrimerI love that it comes in a stick form as you can see from the picture so I don’t have to waste any of it on my fingers.

So how long did it last on my skin? I got a full evening out of it the few times I tried it and that’s always good enough for me. My test is how much makeup comes off on my washcloth when I’m washing my face. So you could say I’m a fan of this stick., Inc.
Monday, April 29, 2013

Keep Your Makeup On with Cover FX and Pixi

You’re look ain’t nuthin’ if your makeup is sliding off your face! Here are two that will help keep color where it belongs.

COVER FX Protection Primer SPF 30 ($38/1oz @ – just like the name states, this one is great for daytime as it contains a SPF 30, it’s vegan and contains those light refracting elements to blur the appearance of lines.

PIXI BEAUTY Flawless & Poreless ($29/1oz @ – if you have prominent pores then you  should try this primer. It helps smooth them out and this one is shine controlling and oil-free. Comes in only one shade – No. 1 Translucent.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Review: Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Becca-Ever-Matte-Priming-PerfectorIf you haven’t incorporated a face primer into your daily makeup routine by now, you are really missing out. Might I suggest this next goodie add to your arsenal? The BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector ($36/1.35oz @ is recommended for two things – big pores and if you have a problem with oiliness. I don’t really have an issue with either so I can’t tell you how this helps those, however, what I really liked about this one is the overall matteness this makes my face, and they claim 8 hours of mattness, which I pretty much can agree with, which is from their exclusive ingredient inside called EverMat. And I really can feel how matte my face is after applying this. Not sure why I like that so much but it seems to provide a really nice foundation for whatever you put on next. And know that this one is free of silicones (silicones are certainly not bad but I know some try to avoid them in their everyday products), oil, alcohol and fragrance.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's ALL Get Red Carpet Ready With Benefit Cosmetics

We’re in full-on award show season and even if you can’t live like a star, you can primp like a star, with BENEFIT COSMETICS’s Primping with the Stars All-Time Greatest “Fake-It’s” Kit.

This one includes the following:

  • .08 oz Stay Don't Stray Stay-Put Primer for Concealers and Eyeshadows
  • .12 oz Some Kind-A-Gorgeous Foundation in Medium
  • .13 oz Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain
  • .25 oz The Porefessional Pro Balm
  • .25 oz Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl for Face
  • .1 oz They're Real! Beyond Mascara in Black

I can’t rave about these kinds of kits enough as they let you try quite a few of the different products (deluxe sample sizes) for a super reasonable price. And let's face it, how often do you actually use up a full size product? This one is just $32 @

And be sure to investigate their other kits under this moniker: Do the Bright Thing and The Bronze of Champions.

Benefit-Cosmetics-Pimping-With-the-StarsAnd know that these sets also make great Birthday gifts! I had three parties this week alone. Lots of January babies for some reason.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Touch In SOL Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base

Have you tried any of the beauty sampling programs yet? Yes, there are quite a few out there now and even though I’ve only samples a few of them, I found the selection to be eh, at best. One that stands out is a deluxe-sized item I received in the Glossybox box. It’s a Korean product from the brand TOUCH IN SOL. The product is a face moisturizer and base/primer in one called Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base.

Now this is what these sampling boxes should be, the best products from other nations. Hey, now there’s an idea!

Touch-in-Sol-Feel-Like-HOney-Moon-Skin-BaseAnyway, back to this item. Not only am I digging its double-duti-ness but it also soaks in quite quickly, so I don’t have to wait around before I apply my foundation. Even though the third ingredient listed in this is alcohol, I didn’t find it drying to my skin at any part during the day (the honey extract in this is the 13th ingredient listed, for whatever that’s worth). $20/1.6oz @

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cover FX BritePrep FX Brightening Foundation Primer

I’ve come to pretty much expect some products to do double-duty and I’m adding makeup primers to that list. And this one is really doing triple-duty so it’s raising the bar! COVER FX BritePrep FX Brightening Foundation Primer & Photo-Aging Defense ($45/1oz @ is not only a primer but contains a SPF 50 - A SPF 50 PEOPLE! - as well as those properties that blur lines and pores using what they call Dermaveil. And they’ve also added Bearberry Extract to help with skin discoloration, which I think we can all use help with.

Have you jumped on the primer bandwagon yet? There’s still room, ya know!

Cover-FX-Brite-FX-PrimerDisclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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