Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Get Wickedly Divine with LA Splash Cosmetics

just came out with a new liquid lipstick, Wickedly Divine Liquid Silk Liquid Lipstick ($18 @ lasplash.com). They claim the formula to be one of, “the SOFTEST wear on the market.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, a soft wear, but I have some guesses!

What I liked – Each truly felt like I had nothing on my lips! Now that’s amazing and I think I’ve only experience that with one other brand, so big plus. In addition, these all toe the line of being too drying on lips but are not. And combine that with the “I-feel-nothing-on-my-lips,” and this is the perfect combo for me, the exception being the Dragon’s Blood color. Hot pink is one of my all-time favorite shades to wear on my lips but this one was sadly too drying.


What I didn’t like – the packaging makes it hard to see which shade is which. I understand the creativity with the packaging and appreciate it but I just think these would have been better in clear to help with functionality.


Since I used to work at Swarovski, I am a crystal snob and the crystal on top of the wand is a cute detail but it’s plastic, and not Swarovski. A nice addition overall but again, I’m a crystal snob.

As far as each color, the tubes have a white sticker that looks like they just stuck them on at the last minute and they don’t even fit properly on the bottoms, and some have come off. So combine a missing sticker with the hard-to-see-through packaging, and ugh!


They seemed to have changed the doe foot. The Infectious shade has a basic one and the rest of the lippies have a hole in the middle of it. I think the one with the basic foot is from the initial release of these and they upgraded when putting out more colors. Big plus!

As far as colors, this one includes quite a few shades (38) and effects to choose from including straight up mattes, metallics and also a few duo chromes.


L to R (no reason for this order): Wrath, Evil Darling, Evil Queen, Dragons Blood, Infectious, Vanish, Blood Thirst.



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