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Valentine's Day Blog Hop Contest

For this super-awesome Valentine's-themed blog hop, 38 fabulous bloggers have teamed up to give away some epic prizes, all beauty-related, of course! If you've been wanting to splurge on some fun items for're in the right place!

Here’s How it Works: Each of the blogs participating are giving away their own prize on their blog. Yes, you heard that right — this blog hop has 38 separate giveaways that you have a chance to win! So after you’ve entered my giveaway, make sure you hop to all the other blogs (linked below) for more beauty products that you could win!

Here's what I'm giving away ... 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY: Because we like to spice it up a bit, we didn't stop at 38 giveaways...we wanted to make it a nice, round 40 with an epic grand prize that you could win! So, if you go around the blog hop and enter all the giveaways, you’re eligible to enter to win a $400 eGiftcard to Sephora or Ulta (winners choice!). If you live in a country that Sephora or Ulta doesn’t ship to, no worries! You’ll be given the money via PayPal to use at whatever beauty store you have nearby!

International Readers: There are some blogs who do not have their giveaway open worldwide, but you can still enter to win the grand prize giveaway! Here's how that will work -- for all the blogs in this hop that do not have their giveaway open worldwide, all you have to do is check out their giveaway, complete the ONE required entry, and leave them a comment on their giveaway post letting them know you’re international but still did the required entry so that you can have a chance to win the grand prize! Then click the link below that will take you directly to where you can fill out the form to enter the grand prize giveaway.

You got all that? Any questions, just ask below! Let’s get into this hop!

In the event that you get an ERROR message when clicking on any of the links below, try clicking on the HOME page of that blog. Or come back later and try again. There are often hiccups that happen in the beginning of a pre-scheduled blog hop such as this. Thank you for your patience!

Valentine's giveaway

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Jennifer Pham

That my family and loved ones grow in strength and are happy.

Alexandra Elisabet

i just want to be a perfect day with my babe , i don't know if this giveaway is international but if not i still did the requiered entry


I would wish for people not to take Valentines day to heart and just enjoy those that they love-Single/Married/Divoriced!

amy pugmire

If I could make one wish I would wish that my daddy could come back from heaven for one day! We all miss him so much and yesterday was his 4 year death anniversary. I would give anything to see his big smile again and hear his voice.


I'd wish to be home already with my love in ND

Maria J.

If I could have one Valentine's Day wish it would to be off from work and watch TWD marathon 'till the season premiere later on that night!

Annamarie V

My wish is to have a wonderful day with my Husband and for his work not to bother him.

Katie Burnette

I'd wish that my chronic illness and pain would let up enough to be normal and have my kids enjoy it.

Amy Heffernan

Just to be happy! :)

Alma Salgado

My wish for V-Day is to enjoy my day and spend my day with people who I love!


My wish for Valentines Day would be that everyone going through a crisis in their life or have a chronic pain/illness would have a joyful, pain free, serene day

Rosie Areola (Heather)

To be as happy in 20 years as I am now.


My Wish would be that my Husband didn't have to work on Valentines Day. But he has to work every Sunday, so we'll have to celebrate on a different day.

Yesenia Salgado

My wish for Valentine's Day is to just be happy & to make new friends!

Cristina Popescu

To visit Paris with my husband. i am international reader.


Not sure if this giveaway is open to international readers, but did the required entry anyway to qualify for the grand prize! :) For Valentine´s, I would love to have a weekend getaway together with my SO who works a 90-hour workweek at the moment... just a couple of days together would be so luxurious and he totally deserves that!

Arra Odeza

I'm joining international but still did the required entry so that I could have a chance to win the grand prize!


Is it international giveaway?

Melissa C.

My wish would be for my entire family to get along for just one day.

Edis Zukić

I want that everyone is happy and loved. I AM INTERNATIONAL JUST DOING THE REQUIRED ENTRY

Stephanie Hartman

That my parents live healthy long lives.

Hannah Glade

I wish for a fun and happy day!


I am international but still did the required entry

Bailey Dexter

For Valentines Day I wish I didn't have to work and could spend the day relaxing with Hubby!

The Beauty of Life

My wish for V-Day would be for people to put aside their differences and just love and care about each other.

Lisa G

For valentines day i really want time with my husband just him n me quietly enjoying each other's company. We are putting the kids down early to enjoy the walking dead together. Lol

Nicole Lancaster

My one wish for Valentine's Day is a nice quiet relaxing evening at home with my boyfriend.

Stephanie M

I would love to be taken on an exotic vacation

deanna Mancini

My only wish is for good health


It would be to go on a vacation with my husband to just about any beach.


I would love for all judgment to be replaced with self-love and empowerment.

Brethil Ebontree

International - required entry only - I wish for good health for my friends and family

Illy Junus

It would be vacation with my hubby to visit my mom

Ashley B.

For everyone to have a great day full of love and happiness.


Nice! I would love to try this out! :) thanks for hosting this giveaway!'

shannon fowler

My wish would be that we have a good time together since this will be the first chance he hasn't had to be on call or work.

Cynthia R

I would wish for things at our work to go better, the stress comes home with us.

Sara Schwab

The wish is to have my dad alive again


amazing giveaway

Wendy Lange

My valentine wish would be that everyone be kind to one another.

Haroon Khan

My wish would be to take the whole day off! I am an international reader and I did the required entry.


To have fun
Im international


my family to be happy. Im an international reader entering for the grand prize,thank you

Susan P.

My wish would be for my son-in-law to get hired after his interviews.

Michelle Castagne

I would like the entire day off in every way.

Ashley Bree Perez

I would love some roses for valentines day(:

amber deuel

Just being with my family is the best!

Cindy A.

My Valentine wish is for everyone to be surrounded by people they love. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Susie Wilkinson

To get another job soon, I'm busy with the applications!

Christine M

That everyone feels the love they deserve :)

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