Saturday, February 02, 2013

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Deep Peeling

I’ve always been interested in any kind of exfoliator – body, face, everywhere, really. One thing that seems just as popular these days but seems like more of a trend is gold, as in, gold inside products. I was at the ISSE (International Salon & Spa Expo) last weekend and I was totally drawn into one booth that was showcasing the “most expensive bottle of nail polish in the world,” that had black diamonds inside it. Not sure of the benefit though.

Anyway, the latest including gold in its products is an anti-aging line going by the name, OROGOLD COSMETICS. The product I tried was their 24K Deep Peeling and click after the jump to see how it worked.


Orogold-Cosmetics-24K-Deep-Peeling-orb Orogold-Cosmetics-24K-Deep-Peeling-up-close

This 24K Deep Peeling uses vitamins C and E as well as green tea to chemically remove dead skin cells but I felt like some smalls bits of paper rolling about my face, so I’m not really sure what is used as the exfoliate – perhaps the nut shell powder listed? Anyway it exfoliated quite nicely and they say the gold inside helps with firmness and is also known for its healing properties so it will help if you have any sun damage.  But I think the overall benefit comes from using a product like this over time and perhaps using it along with some of their other products that contain gold inside them.

Orogold-Cosmetics-24K-Deep-Peeling-formulaSo is this worth the $128/1.86oz tag? Like I said, it worked beautifully and I guess it just depends on what area of beauty you like to splurge on. For me, I splurge on mascaras and body scrubbers. My best friend will spend unbelievable amounts on body creams and nail polishes, so if skin care is your area, I would investigate this one. If you always pick up your face exfoliators at the drugstore, then I would pass on this one.

Check out this one and the rest of the product line @


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