Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pixi Beauty - Make Up to Wake Up Collection

The PIXI BEAUTY line just came out with some new eye products, my favorite category of makeup, under the Make Up to Wake Up Collection called The Pixi Trio. Let’s investigate!


Pixi-Beauty-Make-Up-to-Wake-Up-Products-2 Pixi-Beauty-Make-Up-to-Wake-Up-boxes

Natural Brow Duo ($18) – Available in No. 1 Medium Brown, this one has a waterproof brow pencil on one side and a tinted soft-hold gel to keep hairs in place. Always need a gel to keep brow hairs in place and this one shown here has just the slightest tint to it.
On the flipside is a angled pencil to fill in any sparse areas. This is a nice two-in-one.

Pixi-Beauty-Natural-Brow-Duo-with-brush-3 Pixi-Beauty-Natural-Brow-Duo-pencil-up-close

Large Lash Mascara ($18) – Available in No. 1 Bold Black and No. 2 Best Brown – I admit, I am hard to please when it comes to mascara and this one didn’t earn any points in my book. It created some nice long lashes but flaked off rather quickly. Pass.
Pixi-Beauty-Large-Lash-Mascara-tube Pixi-Beauty-Large-Lash-Mascara-wandLash Line Ink ($16) – Available in Black Silk, has the thinnest point I’ve pretty much ever seen in a liquid liner applicator. When it comes to liquid liners, the thinner the tip, the closer to makeup heaven and this one is as close to makeup heaven that I have been in some time! This one is waterproof and lasted about 6 hours on my lids, nice.

Pixi-Beauty-Lash-Line-Ink-tip-up-closeAll available @


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