Sunday, April 05, 2009

Get Hair Hip With the ZannClip

ZannClip-2 It seems like every time I go to CVS, I come home with another clip for my hair. You should see the collection! Some work, some don’t but I always have hope with each one. One that I can tell you works is the ZANNCLIP. This is a coiled barrette that really helps hair stay put, won’t break and looks really nice in the hair. It comes many colors and three different sizes – Small Metal-Plate ZannClip - 2.5”, Small Color-Coat ZannClip – 2.5”, Medium Metal-Plate ZannClip - little over 3” long and the Large Metal-Plate ZannClip clocks in at a little over 3” long.

Here's a great demonstration video they have up on their site:

Get yours @


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I want to try this- I have fine, silky hair that most clips can't contain. This looks perfect!

Maria Llanos

I went to the website and ordered 3! They are having a Spring Sale! Thanks Cybele!


Agggghhhh I've been to 3 CVS's and I can't find one!


Thanks for letting us know they are at CVS - I had only seen them on QVC before and hoped to get them local.


Cybele, did you find this at CVS? It looks great!


Hi Guys, they are NOT available @ CVS, only on their website. sorry for the confusion the first sentence may have had.


No.definitely not! They are only sold on her site and at Barneys NY. I ordered one from them and the owner of the company emailed me directly to help me figure out which one is best for my hair type. She is the developer. And I got the clip before the money even debited out of my account. That's a first. They are fast! I slept in this clip and in the morning is was still perfect. Amazing! so comfortable.

Susan Ravid

Anyone interested in this fabulous hairclip (if it can even be called that; it's so much better!) - do not even bother going to QVC. That is where I first purchased mine a few months back and it was much more expensive because it came in a set with the hairpins (which I never use) and QVC only offers the gold or silvertone. On the Zannclip website, however, they have the 3 different sizes as well as many additional colors available (much better price, too).

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