Thursday, April 16, 2009

Win Gwen Stefani's Too Faced Products

How would you like to take along all the TOO FACED products Gwen Stefani has requested for the tour her band No Doubt is embarking on next month? Here's the deets...

Who? We will randomly pick 5 winners to receive all the products Gwen personally requested from TF's Founder Jerrod - Mood Swing Lip Gloss, Lash Injection mini, Lash Injection Pinpoint, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss, Lip of Luxury Lipstick, Insurance Policy. A $127 value!
*winner accepts that their contact info will be given to the company to send out the prizes. Cybelesays will not be sending them out.

How to enter --- Post a meaningful comment on a Cybelesays post (something a little more than, "I love this color!" or "How cute!" I think you get the picture). Then, email your full name and address to Cybelesays ( ). And feel free to comment on more than one post. We love that!
Don't forget to let us know how you found if you are a new reader.

Wanna get more than one entry? If you have a blog, post about the contest or twitter about it (as many times as you want!) and then email the link to You'll receive an extra entry for writing about the contest on your site. You must also comment on a post and email your full contact info.



** Entries must be received by 6pm PST, April 30, 2009 * Entries are two part - a comment on a post and an email, which includes your full name and mailing address * Both must be completed or you will not be entered into this randomly picked drawing * Those who have won a Cybelesays contest in the last 3 contests will not be eligible to win * Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win* One entry per household and email address unless the contest is blogged about **


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Paula Wade

Okay, how cool is this? Gwen always rock her looks, so its neat to know it's Too Faced and what she specifically likes.
Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!


I find Too Faced Shadow Insurance to be a necessity for my daily eye shadows. It holds color so well. Yesterday I ran all over Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney's Epcot, and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, and my eye shadow never budged. TFSI is a fantastic product and probably my favorite of all of my little Too Faced collection.


I love this brand. Colors rock.


i have very oily eyelids and i have been trying to find a good primer for them. so far i have used some MAC, Bare Escentuals and Monistat as a primer for my eyelids, but i still get creased eyeshadow in a matter of few hours :( i am wondering if shadow insurance could be any better?


Love Gwen Stefani and would love to win her Too Faced Products ;-) Thanks.


Now I know why Gwen always looks great! I would love to give these a try.


Gwen is beautiful and if she looks that great wearing this makeup I sure would like to try it as well!!

Charity S.

Too Faced cosmetics.. are really one of a kind. I have a couple of their lipsticks, and I really like how they feel.


Donna C.

This looks like a wonderful set. Hey if it's good enough for Gwen Stafani...

Clenna in NH

I love make up and have never tried this make up. I look forward to trying it. i wear make up everyday. I could really use some good mascara. The 2 lip glosses sound great. But the best would be the bronzer. I'm due for some new bronzer.


wow this is an awesome contest! I have seen the too faced stuff but have never tried it this would be a great win!

Anne Taylor

I really think that Gwen Stefani is a truly cool performer and mom.

She's been able to keep her music career successful, created an awesome clothing/shoe line, is in a successful marriage and seems to be a great mom to her sons.

I would love to be able to wear this makeup!


Elizabeth Lee

i love two faced specially lash injection.
i havent tried many products but i'd love to
thanks so much :)


I love Gwen Stefani so any product she uses sounds great to me!


Oh my! I can't believe you're giving away all of the Too Faced products that Gwen Stefani personally requested to take on tour with her band!! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited as I adore Too Faced products and I would especially love to get my paws on the Insurance Policy and Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss!!

Claudia M

i never tried Too Faced cosmetics but reviews of their products sound very good. I would love to win and try them.


I'm looking for a new bronzer, but I'm very fair skinned. I love Two Faced products but I'm wondering if the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer would be too dark for my light complexion. Does anyone know? Of course, Gwen is fair as well and if it she loves it, it probably will work for me too. Thanks for any feedback!


I love Gwen > She has such a unique style. Any product she has would be a great one I am sure.


I've never used TooFace cosmetics but if they're good enough for Gwen Stefani then they're good enough for me! When I was living in Singapore, I saw No Doubt in concert and was absolutely amazed at how fit Gwen is! She was incredible. I gained a whole new level of respect and admiration for her that night!


Oh, I've never tried Too faced products before since there are no stores carrying them near me. I heard that their shadow insurance is on par or preferred for some bloggers!

About Gwen, she's one of the most aspiring singer-turned-fashion designer. Her clothing (I watched part of her runway show) is unqiue to Stefani style and bold and outrageously feminine-empowered toughness infused. Rock on!

Nicole L

OO i love two faced products and i love no doubt too!! I`m so glad that they got back together and I can`t wait to hear all the amazing new music they will come up with!


Too Faced is one of my absolute favorite brands of cosmetics. I love Jared and his cruelty free Teddy Bear Brushes. More companies should follow his lead!


to be honest, I didnt even know Gwen Stefani had her own make up line, but I think its great that celebrities don't limit themselves to just one field. I like when musicions do acting, and branch into fashion like jessica simpson did, and the creator of babyphat.


Oooohhh, I've always wanted to try Too Faced products! The Lip of Luxury Lipstick looks especially awesome. I love Gwen's style. She's FIERCE! "Just a Girl" and "Spiderwebs" are still two of my favourite songs. :)


I've never used any Two Faced products. Most of the videos I see on YouTube have people who use the shadow insurance. Like to try these products. I also love Gwen Stefani's look and these products should be fun.

Jennifer W

I'm sure everything by Gwen is great! She's a powerhouse! Fashion icon, mother, musician, entrepreneur... Thanks for the great giveaway! fingers crossed.

Angela Seury

I'm always scared to try new cosmetics, but there's something reassuring about the fact that Gwen Stefani used Too Faced.

I'm going to guess that it's amazing stuff since she requested it for her tour.


My kids and I love No Doubt..I bet this will be a good tour. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win these products. Who wouldnt want to wear what Gwen is wearing?

Maha G

I love too faced, esp their palettes (i have a bunch)! I've heard rave reviews about the shadow insurance and would really love to give it a try for myself one of these days.


I never heard of Gwen Stefani's Too Faced Products until now. However, I love to try new products and I'm open to these products. Thanks!


Gwen always looks great.I would assume Two Faced Cosmetics is a great product if she represents them.


Too Faced Shadow insurance is my favorite. I like it because it keeps shadows in place, but and at the same time is much more workable and blendable than UDPP. When I've tried UDPP I always find that I can't wear multiple colors of shadow because you can't blend at all with that stuff.


I am curious how Gwen uses that bronzer. It looks like it's made for dark skinned gals.

wendy wallach

I have been using Too-Faced products for years..they are really great.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Stephanie V.

Have never tried this brand but had no idea Gwen used it. She is a make-up queen so must be amazing stuff. Would love to give this ole mum a make-up makeover!

bina edwards

gonna have to search youtube for some tips on how to use this stuff


I think Gwen Stefani is a talented musician and a fashionista. I have loved No Doubt for years and also enjoy Gwen doing the solo thing. I have been wanting to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance for a long time. I've heard it's one of the best primers on the market :-)

justin Castillo

Wonder if Gwen knows about where my grandmother used to live in Orange County. Not too far from Knott's Berry Farm.


Love Gwen's music and all of her products. Sure hope I am lucky enough to win them. Awesome!


All of these products are so exciting! Thanks for doing this contest!


Sure hope I win these products sound great


I love Gwen Stefani, and I love Too Faced stuff, so this is the best combo ever!


"Cause I'm just a girl little ol' me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl all pretty and petite"
And Too Face would make it happen!!
Hee hee!
(quoted from Gwen/No Doubt's "Just A Girl" song.


what a GREAT contest... i'll sit back and wish everyone good luck, as i was luckily a winner in another giveaway! good luck everyone!!


I have never tried any Too Faced product so this would be the perfect opportunity! I'd share the loot with my mom and aunt as well if I won!


Gwen Stefani has such cool style, I've always admired her!

Sherry Gibbs

Wow...Gwen Stefani always looks fabulous. I am thrilled to know what make-up she uses!! I had no idea!


Gwen is so beautiful and this make-up has done the impossible! It's made her more striking and lovely!

Rhonda Struthers

I am in need of new make up. I would love to have the newest colours and shades so that I can be hip :0


What an awesome giveaway! I've never tried Too Faced before but I've heard so much good stuff about them! *Fingers crossed* :)


It's funny, whenever I see someone I like use a certain product, I'll try to get that product hoping that if I use it, I'll magically turn into that person. And I'm 24!

Vickie Couturier

I really need some help,an this looks like it may be able to do the job,im tired of looking frumpy,with 6 kids an 5 grandkids,I hope its not too late for me,I havent tried these products before but they look wonderful,thanks for the chance


ooh! This is exciting! The only too faced stuff I have ever used came in free samples from Sephora, but I've always wanted to try some! Plus, I'm a HUGE No Doubt fan, and the fact that Gwen likes this stuff makes it eight thousand times better. AWESOME!


I love trying new makeup and what better way to try it than FREE?! I wonder if these products are humane--not tested on animals. Can't wait to try the mascara if I win.

Teresa Hoyt

Gwen Stefani is gorgeous! I would love to try any products she trusts! Thanks for the chance!


I've been a huge Gwen fan for years. I would love to use the same Too Faced products she uses! I already use the Lash Injection mascara and love it!
This is such a cool contest and I'd love to win. Can't wait to see No Doubt in June!

Holly Henderson

I did not know that No Doubt had reuinited for a tour! Wow, I am out of the loop. =P This is very exciting news.


These look easy and fun to use. Too Faced has a sense of humor about beauty, which is refreshing.


I've never tried Too Faced cosmetics, but Gwen has great style so if she reccommends them they must be good. I'm especially interested in that Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It's so hard to find the right bronzer.

Corrie Kolbe

I've never won anything on-line, how fun would it be if this was my first?!?! This make-up looks amazing, and I'd love to try it!



Gwen and Too faced? My idol and also one of my most loved cosmetic brands! This is amazing and I'd love to rock the same products she uses. Gwen is always so flawless and put together. I love her music and especially her style. I can't wait for the no doubt tour!


What a great contest! I've never tried TooFace cosmetics but what a great opportunity to try and use the same cosemetic Gwen uses. Her make up is always flawless and she is extremely georgous. And what a great representive to have Gwen Stefani use your cosemetic line.


I tried too faced products when I was in america and i totally feel in love with lash injection,(it really is a wonder product) but its hard to get it in the UK. I would love the opportunity to try some more fantastic products in the range


What a lovely set! A little bit of everything. Gwen always looks so polished so I can only imagine how great this set must be. She wears her own clothes and I bet she wears her own makeup, too!


I love Gwen!! I love make up, but with money so tight, I haven't been able to feed my addiction, and would so love to try these products. I'll cross my fingers. Thanks for the give away.

Bobbye F

Gwen Stefani is my hero! She has a style that is all her own and is truly a beautiful woman! I have heard alot of great things about too faced products and would love to get my hands on some to try!

Sarah Elyce

I find it very interesting what directions celebrities take. Some, like Gwen Stefani, branch out while others focus on their main thing. I would love to win this makeup! I am a makeup junkie.


Just to clear up any possible confusion,Too Faced is not officially Gwen's own makeup line.But as a major fan of Gwen's I always love knowing about the products she is using,so thank you to Cybele for posting about this! Gwen is such a fashion and beauty icon in addition to being a super-talented musician,it would be awesome to use the same products as her.:)


OMG! I love Gwen and No Doubt! I've seen them in concert 7 times, and met them twice, awesome group of people!


This is a great idea! I'm such a fan of Gwen's look and would love any tips/products that could help me try to duplicate it on myself ;)


Gwen Stefani is such an icon, and her red lips are her trademark. I heard in a radio interview recently that she doesn't have just one 'red lipstick' that she always uses, but that she has a bunch of brands and shades. I guess Too Faced is going to be the flavor of the tour.

joanna smith

What I love most about Gwen Stefani is that she dares to be different, she has her own sense of personal style, she is feminine, yet manages to slip in just the right amount of edginess to make her stand out from others. It would be so much fun to use the same products from Too Faced as Gwen uses and experiment on myself to see what looks I can create with them! I know if I use more color I can give myself a more dramatic look, and if I use less color a more subtle softer look and I know that these products will give me the power to experiment freely to create the look to fit my mood! How cool of you to host such an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

Tracey Byram

Gwen Stefani is a refreshing face and style in the music world. She epitomizing classy.


This is one wicked awesome contest! I've never tried Too Faced products before... but now that I know Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt, the one band that I'm totally obsessed and fanatic about!) swears by these products, then I'm definitely going to check out some makeup when I go to Sephora tomorrow!


Great contest! I love the Lash Injection mascara. I have gotten some from my local Sephora a few months ago and I fell in love!


I love Too Faced! I love the Shadow Insurance but I haven't tried any of the other products shown yet. I would love to win!!


The toofaced packaging is the best in cosmetics today - old world glamorous!


I love Gwen Stefani's music! My favorite product from the Too Faced product line is their Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint.


gwen is such a fashion icon and a great role model. i absolutely love her :)




A good mascara is hard to come by and Two Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint has nailed it!


A good mascara is hard to come by, Too Faced has nailed it with their Lash Injection Pinpoint!

Stephanie C

I love the Lash Injection mascara, but haven't tried any of the other products. Would love to try some of these out, as I have heard good things about them

Casey Phillips

i love the colors, they are just enough to look beautiful without over doing it. If Gwen is wearing this make up no wonder she looks so pretty. I love her and have been a HUGE fan for the last 13 years, and if she trusts this make up then i think it is worth trying, and maybe it will look have has good on me as it does on her because she is flawless.


I remember commenting on this post but I can't find my comment. Anyway, I'm really excited about this contest because I've never tried any Too Faced products before. I'd love to share this with my mom and aunt as well!


This is an amazing contest. I'd love to win Gwens make-up and copy more of her make-up style. All that make-up looks really cute, i'd love to try it concidering i've never tried Too Faced products before.

Suzette MacNevin

I don't know much about Gwen Stefani but she sure knows how to pick her makeup! Nice contest.


Thank you for the contest! TF has really nice products & congrats to whomever wins them.


I've never tried Too Faced. This must be my grandest chance. :) I love anything Gwen Stefani - from LAMB to Harajuku Lovers and No Doubt! And now TF. Wow!


New Makeup in the newest colors. Count me in.
I am in need of new make up.


Most beautiful packaging in the cosmetics biz...


These look beautiful for a summer vixen. With those mascaras it looks like you could get long lush lashes and the bronzer is sure to turn heads at the beach. Matched perfectly with sweet berry lips that sparkle. I yearn for this collection! I would love to review this set of products from the famous TOO Faced legacy!

Marlene Rugg

I love Gwen Stefani she is such a unique person with all of the styles of clothing and looks that she wears on a daily basis. I would give anything to be able to look and act just like her and this great contest could just give me such an opportunity. Thanks again for this wonderful contest.


I love the colors and I love Gwen : what a great combo.

judy folk

trying new cosmetics is always fun; i love gwen and no doubt; would love to win this contest

Samuel RUiz

great contest - my partner uses these products all the time

Belinda McNabb

I have not yet had the opportunity to try her line of products but would love to! The packaging is so eye catching and modern, different than many beauty line products that are out there right now. And what woman would not want to emulate Gwen Stefani, she is beautiful....wearing the makeup she wears would make you feel more beautiful as well.


wow what a cool contest! I always wanted to try the Too Faced products & the packaging is so cute <3 I love Gwen's style as well!

Dianne Arsenault

Would love to try this brand.

Valerie Ann

Too Faced makes high quality cosmetics. I've used the powder foundation and eye shadows in the past and loved them. My oily eyelids could really use the Insurance Policy and I'd use that lipstick and gloss daily. My pale face needs the bronzer, which I'm sure is wonderful. and.....the mascaras are on my wishlist. Thanks!!

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