Monday, December 15, 2008

Me and Eminem Are Cleaning Out My Closet ...

OK, we heard you! You don’t want to read a book or watch a DVD. You just want to play with products and that's ok, so I’m happy to report that it’s that time of year again -- time to clean out the ol’ beauty closet!



What - Beauty products from the beauty closet. Each prize will contain new products that all together total at least $50! Some of the brands: Berwick Beauty, Bourjois, Essie, tarte, Chanel, Haute Face, Rimmel, Surgeon's Skin Secret, L'Occitane, MAC, Urban Decay, Lise Watier, Benefit, Sephora, Clinique, Diana B, Boots, Blue Q, Raw Skincare, Matrix, Estee Lauder, Von Natur, philosophy, Jergens, Sally Hansen and more!

Who - We will randomly pick 7 winners

How to enter --- Post a meaningful comment on a Cybelesays post (something a little more than, "I love this color!" or "How cute!" I think you get the picture). Then, email your full name and address to Cybelesays ( or click here). And feel free to comment on more than one post. We love that!
Don't forget to let us know how you found if you are a new reader.

Wanna get more than one entry? If you have a blog, post about the contest and then email the link to or click here. You'll receive an extra entry for writing about the contest on your site. You must also comment on a post and email your full contact info.


** Entries must be received by 6pm PST, Dec 31, 2008 * Entries are two part - a comment on a post and an email, which includes your full name and mailing address * Both must be completed or you will not be entered into this randomly picked drawing * Those who have won a Cybelesays contest in the last 3 contests will not be eligible to win * Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win* One entry per household and email address unless the contest is blogged about **


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Regina S

Oh I could have fun with this! I see lots of great brands


This is perfect; a New Year's Day present! I've always been anti-establishment, while also remaining extremely ... I'm Aquarius, what more can I say. Cybele, I live for PRODUCTS! Unfortunately my SO doesn't work for my habit, so I have to "yearn" much of the time. Your closet cleanup is my dream-come-true. I'm patiently waiting for year's end and your decision. Happy New Year!!! =) ~Juls


This is SUCH a fabulous contest. I can't wait to blog about it!

Thanks, Cybele!

Margaret Snyder

Oh, what fun. A closet clean-up. Mine are never as good as yours look. I see a Jergens Shea Butter Cream - luxurious! 60 second nail polish - what could be better! I love when you guys clean house. This would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to enter!


I have only been reading your blog a short time, but the info you post is really helpful and I look forward to starting out the new year with a better handle on make up!

And of course, how cool would it be to win some goodies!!

Brenda O

WOW What a huge mountain of goodness! There a loads of cool looking products in there, some from lines I have only read about. Thanks for cleaning out your closet Cybele! Fingers crossed for good luck :)

Decorative Diva

I love your cleaning out the closets contest. I'd love to win something that I haven't tried before, and you have quite the stash!


You're right, playing with products is the best. Would love to win this!


I've just started using make-up, so these products would be great to help me figure out what works for me!

adrian rosen

how generous in the holiday season--thanks so much for offering this to your readers!
keep up the good work!


Oh oh!! I see Benefit and holey moley would it *Benefit* me to win this!
My cosmetics closet looks pretty barren right now and just when I need it; for the New Years festivities!
Wonderful giveaway; thanks so much!

Susan Gustafson

I found Cybelesays through a friend that blogs. I think this is such a fun contest. I did some cleaning out of closets of my own before Thanksgiving. It was time, and company was coming. The recipient of my unused but good stash was the local non profit thrift store. Thanks so much for cleaning out your closet and sharing it with us!!


Greetings! What a wonderfully generous way for you to clean out your beauty closet. Sephora, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Philosophy, etc. How fun!
I am always experimenting with beauty items to see what works best for me. Whether it is facial care, color or anti-aging. One thing that sometimes hinders me is a rather large port win birthmark on the left side of my face! Covering it well is not easy. I adore beauty products, though! I would appreciate being entered in your delightful giveaway prize drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Renee C.

This is a great opportunity for those of us who like looking good, but don't know where to start in regards to make-up but would like products nicer than what Walgreens has. I am extremely pale with the exception of my pink blotches and freckles and I am clueless regarding most makeup starting with foundation. Thanks for this chance to possibly win and try a few things!!!!

tiffany lane

THanks, i love to play with new products. This would be so much fun to win.


I just started my journey with serious makeup so I'd love to have some of the products you are giving away. Crossing my fingers. Thanks


I have two teenaged granddaughters and we seem to share info and ideas quite a lot. No doubt I'd share this goody bag with them if I won since I'm still on the lookout for good products for myself as well.

sally wess

wow! you are amazing!!
as a make-up junkie, i find it hard to part with anything. you have to tell me where you get the willpower. thanks for the opportunity to win some of my fav things, and happy holidays to you and yours.


Ok I think that is super cool to clean out your make-up and give it away! I've been going through stuff I don't use and trying to decide what to giveaway and donate for the holidays!

I never even thought about old make up!! What a great idea! I hope I win!!

THanks for the awesome contest!


I would be reluctant to give up any of my products... especially if its good branch. You are you generous, a wonderful gift to start out the new year :)


Carrie Nunez
Box 176
Orwell, NY 13426


This pile of products looks like a glamour girl's dream! I haven't seen a product I couldn't use - Thanks for thinking of your readers!


This is a great selection of products, many I haven't tried before, and I would love to get the chance, esp. Chanel and Lise Watier.

Mary Thi

The New Year should start off with a 'clean slate'. Thanks for holding this freebie giveaway. Have a great holiday!


Wow -- that's quite a stash there. Thank you Very Much for providing this contest. Whoever wins this should have lots of fun with all those goodies.


with 3 Teen Girls at Home this would be such a great win :) I am sure there would be even someting left for Mom :)

thanks bunches !

Casey B

You have some great products and keep up the great contests =)


Wow - what a cool assortment of beauty products - I love those brands! You're very generous, I'd probably keep them for myself : )


WOW I think i just dreamed about Santa sending me a massage saying I have a chance to win wonderful make-up! This would be just lovely since these days as much as I want to go for some make-up shopping I have to save money :( this would put me in real holiday spirit!


Wow! Ever since I stumbled onto this site, I have been a devoted reader. Your insight into beauty products has taught some great tips and saved me some money at the cosmetic counters already. This contest you're running to clean out the closet would be so much fun to play with. I see some brands I'm familar with but there are lots of others that I would love experimenting with. I'm the palest beige skin and never seem to buy the right foundation--either I'm too pale or too dark. Another thing is finding the right concealer that covers allergic shiners. I need help with this one, guys. If you know of any great product but not super expensive, I would like to know. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!!!


Looking at the picture alone, I already see more than a dozen items I covet -- what a fantastic giveaway!


you can clean your closet my way!


woo hoo..aren't i glad i checked my email! :) thanks for the offering..


Thanks for doing this! There are some very interesting looking products in your stash. You've inspired me to start out the new year with a good purge as well. I'm going to donate my unused but new products to my local Battered Women's Center and clear some space for actual linens in my linen closet, lol!


I just started reading this blog but it's quickly becoming a must read. I learn something new every visit. Mostly products I hadn't seen before. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Your collection is envious. You get to try all of these products and give us the scoop on the best ones and then you are nice enough to share! Love being a part CybeleSays.


Thanks for such a great contest!! That beauty loot picture looks great. There would be so many products I'd love to try. :)


Ooooh! So many goodies! I wish I had a beauty closet that looked like that, I'd be in heaven!


I'm hoping that some, if not most, of the items are hair care products. I can't afford to try expensive things. Plus with curly hair, I'm skeptical about every product since I haven't been able to find anything to tame my frizz.

Jackie B.

WOW! What a fantastic giveaway. I need to do some restocking of my beauty closet too. I have my fingers crossed that this will become mine!

joan olson

Need a new look and smell for the new year. Basically I need the hook-up!!!! Happy Holidays to you and maybe me if I win


What a huge generous gift someone will receive and I bet you will feel great cleaning out your stash!! and it will give the lucky winner to try out some new products for the New Year!!


I was playing over on
Spoiled Prettys site...
and stumbled across youuu!
And boy am I glad!

I heart all things beauty product reviews
and such that are just one
click away is my kind of deal!

Recently at work we just had
our big $1 beauty was
pretty amazing, very overwhelming,
and reminds me of this giveaway!


Heidi Clark

This contest is a great opportunity for winners to experiment with products they normally wouldn't try. I am always sceptical of buying a new product. I'll cross my fingers that I'll win.


Wow, these makeup are amazing! Those who would win will surely have a happy christmas. :D

Thanks for the chance.

kerri r

I would like to take this off youre hands I am in dire need of new beauty products.And besides that I really do love youre blog. It has helped find new products and youre reviews are awaesome .And thanks for cleaning youre closet


Since I was a teen I have loved trying new products and remember signing up for a club where they sent you a mystery box of beauty products each month for a small fee. I saved my baby sitting money to pay for these. It was always exciting looking to see what was included and then hiding it away so my little sister wouldn't get into it. I would love to receive a "mystery box" again!


I have a new skincare line from Sweden for you to check out for 2009. Like they say, out wit the old, in with the new. I am happy to take the old off your hands and replace it with a very expensive new wrinkle cream from Sweden.


I'm planning to clean out my stash and donate unused items, samples, etc., to the local battered women's shelter. I'd love to start all over with the goodies from your closet, and pass on the ones I can't use to the shelter as well!


now this is a kewl giveaway! thanks


Quite a selection you have there! I think that there's no better way to ring in 2009 than with brand new products to try out -- whether it's a new look or a new regiment, let's get the new year started with a bang!


Oh wow i'd love to take thes yummy things off your hands! hope i win!!


Wow that looks like an amazing stash!! please enter me into win!!


A girl can never have too much makeup!! please enter me! thanks so much!


wow that's a lot of awesome makeup that you are giving away! i would love to add to my stash!


How wonderful it would be to dive in and experiment with some new beauty products!
Happy Holidays!


i know whenever i have makeup that i hardly ever use, i pass it on to somoene i know who can use it or donate it on freecycle. this is a lovely selection and super generous of you!


since all of my "e-friends" and i live in seperate states, we try to plan a get together at least once a year. we take buckets of stuff that we've bought and didn't like, or ended up with extras or the GWPs and sit around and dig through them like it's a sale rack at Barney's.

this is even funner when you have had a margarita or 12 and your friend sitting next to you thinks its a good idea to put pink mascara on you and you don't remember it until you wake up the next morning looking like the CryptKeeper in Drag!

how fun that you can do this with YOUR new "e-friends"

Claudia M.

That's a lot of goodies!! I hope I get some, I love playing with all my beauty products too =)


One thing I have to say about the Vanity and the Blockbuster, whoever came up with those assortments of colors is a genius and whoever found about them is officially my hero! I look back and forth at those colors and the picture that I get in my mind is me swimming in a pool of colors, moving from the cold to the warm tone, then I leave the pool and my face is perfectly done!! I know I have a rather hyperactive imagination but that seems to act up the most when I am around makeup such as this..
as for the Age Defense 24/7 Luxury Collection, I am not sure if it is part of the potential gifts but if it is would be such an awesome gift for my mother, she always looks beautiful to me and she is definitely a young soul too. But sometimes using professional products reassures her that she’s being proactive about extending youthfulness on the outside too.
Thank you in advance for your great offers and your awesome blog, This is my very first time reading it and I am sure it's my new addiction.. I already sent the link to a couple of my freinds :)
Happy Christmas!



I love make up and trying new things, please enter me :)


Wow..I wish I had all that stuff in my closet!
I love trying new products. Thanks for offering the contest!


It feels nice to organize and give doesnt it? Thanks for the opportunity at winning some of these goodies! I wish my closet was full of that stuff featured in the picture I too would want to share!


The brands in the giveaway are one of my favorites. Bourjois, Essie, Estee Lauder are great cosmetic producers. I never had disappointment with any of their products. Bourjois mascaras are superb.


Giveaway Grab Bag!! How Exciting! Thanks for bringing us great products and the chance to sample. Happy holidays to you and yours. I hope to be one of the lucky seven who get stock up on these great name brands goodies......


Oh WHAT an exciting giveaway contest. I love Channel's comb mascera as it is the greatest I have ever seen. Mac and Este Lauder have some of the finest colors and makeup products out there. This would certainly be a great gift to win and experiment with along with all my girlfriends. We would have a blast to celebrate the new year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND ALL OF YOU.

Priscilla Dicus

I just love the cosmetic section of anything, it is like an addiction! I can touch every product/container. I love going through my stash and discovering things I forgot I had, I would even dare to bring my own brushes and cleaner to a counter and do my own make over if they wouldn't toss me out!! It ranks right up there with sex, almost!


I'm a recent college grad who is on a mission to give myself a style makeover for the new year, and my new life! Thanks to blogs like yours, my transformation is slowly happening:) I've had the Jergen's Shea Butter lotion for about two years now, and I love it... it would be nice to try out some of the other products being offered in your giveaway!


A very generous way to get rid of things you don't need.

I'm having a pretty blue Christmas this year and winning some cool products would sure help to cheer me up. Especially things in pretty colors (preferably not blue at this time ;) ), since I'm a total color fiend and practically have a Crayola box in my head. :D

Carrie Copeland

WoW! I can't believe you're giving away all that makeup! It would be an honor to win all that makeup because I am in desperate need of new makeup, lord knows my makeup is older than my son and he is almost 10 (thats bad!) Yeah, I know I should buy new makeup but it's hard when you can't afford it and your money goes as soon as you get it living paycheck to paycheck, I can only hope I get some for Christmas or Birthdays. Thank You for giving us the chance to win some makeup! I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas and everyone gets what they wished for! Happy Holidays and God Bless!! :)


I personally don't spend much, if any money on my makeup, but I love to get beautified! So as a mom of 4 kiddos, I rarely spend the time or moola on nice makeup. I have been to Sephora about 3 times in my life and love it, but just can't alway afford to go shopping there. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marlene V.

Wow some great products --- I would love to win. I have tried the Jergens Shea Butter Cream and found it to smell nice and very effective at mousturizing my dry skin. Thanks for the excellent contest:)


I just now discovered your blog thanks to a link to this contest posted at another blog, Beauty in Real Life. Very effective way to spread the word.

I'd love to be one of the winners because I'm going through a rough patch and need a little pick-me-up.


Lise Watier eyeliner was blogged Nov 11. Pencils were highlighted, but I have used the liquid liners with fantastic results.
They stay wet just long enough to blend, stay on all day and have a terrific luminous effect.

Kaylin Marie

I'm so glad I found your blog!! I love it, entered the contest too.

BTW I forgot to mention how I found the site in my e-mail. I didn't want to flood you with too many e-mails so I'll post it here. I found the blog from a "websnob" blogreel on another site!! Yay!

Ashley K

Wow is that picture really from your beauty closet? You have so much, I'm so jealous! I would gladly take some of that off of your hands, I have never even tried makeup by most of those brands! The one thing I see that I have tried is the Clinique, and I really liked it - you shouldn't give it away! Unless of course it is to me :) Thanks for the contest!


Great contest!! I think that its great to clean out stuff every once in a while, gives everyone a chance to give something away ;)


Wow congrats! and great giveaway too! i'd love to be entered!


Tania Bugnet

Oh, if I won it would be like Christmas for me. I love getting a bunch of product to play with, whether samples or prizes, I'm happy!


what a spectacular contest i know a lot of people that would benefit from this minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net

beth shepherd

Thank you for having this! I would love to win this! I might even share with my daughters :) This is a wonderful season of sharing and giving so a big thank you! I need a new look and this would sure help. Thank you


What a fabulous way to host a giveaway! I love the fact that the products get recycled instead of just wasting away.


Lovely contest! Please enter me. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!


“Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. ” ~Author Unknown
I try to be especially kind during the holiday season. Thanks

Barbara McCrea

Great giveaway, this would be so wonderful to win, My daughters and I would all come out winners, Thanks!!!


I love to play with beauty products! Some of my favorite products have been picked out by other people! I absolutely love surprises so I hope I am a winner. Thank you for the giveaway.


my mother loves perfume and I love to get lots of different samples for her and make a little basket with all sorts of beauty product samples and perfume. this makes her very happy and keeps the costs down for me. anything from your beauty closet would go into her basket of goodies. thanks!

Melanie W

What a great way to spread Holiday cheer! I am a makeup fiend and love to try new products all the time.


What a great giveaway. A girl can never have too many beauty products.

Thanks for the chance and have a great holiday !!!

April Jacques

I'm thankful you're cleaning out your closest.
Great items you have, thanks so much.


I think the giveaways are just lovely. Thank you for helping us clean out our closets -- by showing me new products to try! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Stacy B.

I'm a amateur to makeup and just starting to discover a love for it. I started collecting some makeup this summer. I would love to win some of your great products you owned! It would help a future make-up junkie off to a great start in experimenting. Thanks.


I love trying new products. I do not always have the money to do that, so this would be a great prize for me!!


How cool of you!
Happy New Year- you are starting it off great!

Stephanie S.

I love trying out all kinds of new beauty products but can't really afford to buy them at this stage in my life. This would be the perfect opportunity to give some new things a try!


It's like a NY's resolution- cleaning your closet and keeping it clean. Only we benefit, your readers! What a wonderful New Year's gift. I'd really like to win this one, Cybele, as my Beauty Junkie is quivering and wanting to beg. Dignity intact (barely) I'll say, "Please." ~Juls


What a fabulous way to clean out your closet! I love experimenting with new products and winning this would keep me busy well into 2009! Cheers!


wow, those prizes look amazing!
I really want this one, especially since I'm broke!


I guess so many products so little time!

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