Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Picks - Stocking Stuffers

Present A gift doesn't have to cost a lot to let someone know you were thinking about them. Here are some on the small side items we are loving for stocking stuffers or a main gift.


  1. LUSH Christmascake Soap ($6.95/3.5oz @ lush.com)

  2. NAPOLEON PERDIS NP Set Show Loose Dust Duo in South Africa ($26 @ target.com)

  3. Wrigley’s Doublemint Lip Balm from ON10 ($9 @ sephora.com)

  4. LUSH Chocolate Santa Bath Bomb ($6.95/7oz @ lush.com)

  5. PIXI Pixi by Petra Energy Blush in No. 2 Pick-Me-Up Pink ($21 @ pixibeauty.com)





I have never even heard of this "double mint" lip balm...I have a friend that would LOVE this! Thanks for the idea!

Stephanie V.

ok - Lush fan, but that LUSH Chocolate Santa Bath Bomb looks a bit scary to me. Don't really want Santa in the bath with me! lol


Oh, I would love to have that Santa in my stocking! Lush is the best. I've been wanting to try the Napoleon Perdis, too.


I just bought the Pixi blush and I'm usually not a blush person. The two different colors mix to create an awesome shade that is just noticeable enough!


I've been wanting to try the Chocolate Santa, however it keeps selling out! :( I've heard it smells really good. :)
Also, for those of you that are on a budget like me, keep in mind that LUSH does a yearly clear out sale with the most FANTASTIC deals *ever* (seriously) right after Christmas. Last year I got two huge, heavy bags full of stuff and gifts for less than half of what it would have costed normally. So... if there are a couple things that you can't wait for, go ahead and splurge... but if it were me, I would wait for the sale! :)


That double mint tin is super cute! I wonder if the flavor last longer than the gum?! Cute idea though. I would like to see some bubblisious lip balm tins though YUM

Julie D

I love stocking stuffers. It's my favorite part of Christmas morning! Any of these would be great treats to unwrap, I especially like the old fashiony lip balm tin.


Great stocking stuffer ideas! The Lush Chocolate Santa looks and sounds awesome. I'm a bath fiend as are many of my friends and relatives. I'm also a chocoholic, so this is something I'd love to find in my stocking! Why is it that little beauty products are always so cute? Happy Holidays all!

Tina Sylvester

doublemint is my favorite gum I had no idea they made it into a lip balm YUMMY!


I need to pick up a ON10 lip balm. Did you see the snow white set it's so cute! I hope I guess some stocking stuffers like this!

Rochelle K

OMG those soaps are adorable! I am definitely going to get some of those to throw in my holiday beauty bags I'm making for my friends this year. I also think I'm gonna have to get some of that wrigleys doublemint (FAVE!!! flavor gum!) lip balm for myself! YUM!!


I love Lush! I visited their website one time and fell in love! I'm definitely getting some Lush stocking stuffers this year!


The lush bath bombs are teh bomb! I cannot buy enough of them. They make my bath ever so sweet and relaxing.


What great ideas for stocking stuffers! its always hard to find great ones for cheap! thanks for the heads up!!


That lipbalm looks nice!

Sara B.

Lush continues to churn out amazing looking and feeling products. I love their inventiveness.


Chocolate Santa bath bomb that's funny and relaxing at the same time. I'd so get that as a stocking stuffer.

Kaylin Marie

I'm getting the Christmascake soap!! I'm so addicted to LUSH, I'd buy everything if I could. Have you ever tried the On10 or the pixi products? I'm a sucker for cute or kitschy packaging, and I've really been wondering about the quality of those, mainly because I have nowhere to test them out I have to order everything online. Boo!!

bina edwards

the lush products are a very much must have product and something I always give to the mother of a new born....pampering for mom and a newborn gift...a must


those are some really good ideas for stocking stuffers! i always have a difficult time finding them so this is much needed!

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