Thursday, September 04, 2008

What's the Buzz-Buzz With Estee Lauder?

Esteelauderturbolash_2A mascara that vibrates? Yup, that’s where we’re now. A few companies are on this mascara wand that vibrates thing as it’s supposed to help give each eyelash a full coverage of mascara. Does it work? I’m not sure if it’s the vibration that helps or if it’s the formula or a bit of both but this ESTEE LAUDER Turbolash ($30 @ is really good if length and volume is what you are after. And doesn’t take a million swipes to achieve either. How it works: a little battery sits under the top of the wand end and when you unscrew it use, it trips the vibration to start. To shut it off, just twist the cap closed. Easy. I am really liking the formula on a whole too. It doesn’t seem to flake or smudge off after two hours. Nice new quality product, EL!


Tracey Longwood

OMG, I heard about these and was wondering. Sounds like it's worth trying. thanks!

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