Monday, September 22, 2008

Gwen Stefani Is Thinking About How You Smell

HarajukuloversWe have been very excited about this next launch since we read about it back in April. And for me, this is the cutest and most quality collection Ms. Stefani has put out yet. The HARAJUKU LOVERS Eau de Toilette line put out by Sephora is quite the breath of fresh air and is just as fun and unique as she is. The fragrance sits inside a glass bottle and each has a different plastic finger puppet-type character on top. And each scent is named after her backup dancers – Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby and my favorite Love. Wait, that’s only four. Almost forgot G, which is Gwen herself.


And there’s even Coffret Solids, which is all the scents in a solid form.


$25/.3oz, $45/1oz and Coffret Solids $60 @


So how about we give some of them to you? We have one of each scent to giveaway. And that’s of the full size 1oz. Yeah!




Who? We will randomly pick 5 winners




How to enter --- Post a meaningful comment on a Cybelesays post (something a little more than, "I love this color!" or "How cute!" I think you get the picture). Then, email your full name and address to Cybelesays ( or click here). And feel free to comment on more than one post. We love that!
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I'm actually really curious about trying these fragrances. I don't have any stores around where I am that carry them (we don't even have a Target in the whole state!). I've always loved the shoes Stefani puts out with her collections, but I haven't been as crazy about the clothing. Without her body, I just don't see them working!

Mary Jenkins

I have actually never tried the L.A.M.B. or Harajuku products, but I've been slobbering over Gwen's fashions and fragrances forever. The fragrance is going on my Christmas list! I've been a very good girl this year!

Decorative Diva

The little figurine that is on top of each bottle is definitely vanity worthy. They've got some pretty unique packaging. I just wonder if the scent is as fascinating.

Dara Nix

What a great idea from Gwen! I love the fact that they all smell different! I can already tell that the "Love" scent would probably be my favorite as I love the smell of paperwhites and musk!!


I'm really curious about these too. I've seen mixed reviews online and in magazines, but my only personal exposure to them so far has been a sample strip in a mag. It was G (the coconut one) and one of the others (I can't recall which). The G was definitely coconutty, and I thought it might make a good summer scent but not sure how it works as a fall launch and if it's too suntan lotion-esque for my liking. But you can't deny that the packaging is adorable! Almost makes me want to buy (or win!) them just for the containers alone regardless of the scents!

Regina Sanders

I think the glamorous Mrs. G is a much better fashionista than a singer. Her sense of style is amazing. I would love to just have one of these to put on my dresser.

Jennifer R

Gwen Stefani is awesome. My daughter and I saw her in concert last year and she puts on such a good show, and she's tasteful (what I really like). I think she's very talented. I've been very curious about her fragrances - they are so different! I'd be so happy if I got to try one!


Oh, my gosh...I just saw a huge ad about these fragrances in a magazine and thought they were really original looking.....interesting enough to make me want to know what they smell like.....and here you are, talking about them and telling us where we can find them online.....


Oh how cute this is! I love Gwen Stefani, have all of her cd's and have been wanting to try her perfume for the longest time so I would love to be entered and thank you!


these are so cute... but i think you would need the whole set to appreciate the fatal attraction to cuteness...

Casey B

I been wanted to try Gwen's L.A.M.B fragrance because it smell so good =]so I know her new products probably smell great as well.


Gwen really put a lot of thought into designing these adorable fragrances. Not only do they smell good, a cute to look at but you just have to collect them all!

Rebecca C

I am curious about these perfumes. The bottle is so very cute, and if it smells half as good as how cute it would be awesome.


Teresa Hoyt

I have always been a big fan of Gwen and I know that anything she comes out with must be great! Thanks for the chance to win this!


Such nice packaging - all girls of any age will be delighted! I hope the scent is as whimsy as the doll figurines. :)

Carolyn C

Anything with Gwen Stefani is original and unique so I'd love to win this for a birthday gift. ;-) Thanks.


These cuties caught my eyes a while ago but I didn't know it was Gwen's creation. Very curious about the scents. I'm hoping one of the stores where I live will have them


These cuties caught my eyes a while ago but I didn't know it was Gwen's creation. Very curious about the scents. I'm hoping one of the stores where I live will have them


I only feel beautiful wearing something by Gwen Stefani.

Michelle Rosborough

My daughter LOVES Gwen Stefani so she'd love this new fragance


I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan and my daughter and I both love her perfume. These are the most adorable bottles as well which make my daughter even happier since she is collecting perfume bottles :-)


Ooooohhhh...I love Gwen's stuff! If only I could get my tired, mommy self looking like her...

Hayley G.

I love love love Gwen and her L.A.M.B. line is to die for! I hope that the Harajuku scent is as funky and fab as Gwen!


I just love Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B ! It smells sooo nice . I think from her new collection my favorite will be Harajuku Lovers Love . thanks for this great contest :)


eeekkk! I stood over the cosmetics counter last week for a good 20 minutes drooling over the counter. I wanted Alice from the Harajuku collection. I just think these are the CATS MEOW!

want badly.

sharon mson

i read about the harajuka lovers fragrances in a mag and today i went into shoppers drug store and there they all were. such wonderful dollies and such lovely fragrances each one different in a special way . gwen is the best though- luv the coconut for a change . very well thought out and unique .


I think the figurines will look adorable on the mantel long after the fragrance is gone.

Christian Kay

How cute! I wish I could smell each one of them but I haven't seen them yet at our local stores. Please enter me. I would love to win for myself but if I win I think it will be a Christmas present for my sis. Gotta be un-selfish sometimes :)


Oh! I've heard that this is such a lovely scent. I mean all of them. It's so cool how Gwen made these, they're great for all ages meaning not only for young adults now!


Thanks for this contest! I think that Gwen did a good job on designing such cute little figurines! They're attractive and make you want to look at it. It is more interesting than a regular bottle but you can't really tell where you spray the perfume unless you've actually tried it.


I think I've actually smelled this on some people, it's very sweet, I don't know which bottle I smelled but it was such a nice blissful smell. I'd love to try it! Thanks for this contest and I hope I'll smell good!


Gwen is such a darling to have the frangrances named after her backup dancers! I wish all the singers and celebrities name at least one item after their co-workers or what ever you call people like the publicist... hopefully the name will be in a good way. This isn't getting anywhere. But oh well, let's just stick to Gwen being a kind hearted beautiful woman!


Thanks for the contest! I've researched a little of Japan's history and the Harakuju girls for a class last semester and it's an interesting fashion culture and Gwen admiration of the culture was talked about as well, as evident in her products! I'm a fragrance fan, so I would love to try one!

Zoe B.

I am so fascinated by the Harajuku girls and their creative fashions! I have already checked out Gwen's Harajuku fragrances and I like them all. If I had to pick, I suppose Lil' Angel is my favorite - colorful,tasty and sweet!


I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan and I'm tickled that she came out with this line of fragrances. They will make excellent gifts for my nieces, sisters and of course, myself!


WOW! This is great! I love Gwen's LAMB collection of bags. I started off with the LeSportSac clutch that came out YEARS ago, and now I recently purchased the convertible clutch at Nordy! Can't wait to try this =]

Amanda Li

gwen stefani is so creative with her perfume bottles. i want to get them all!

Sherry Brooks

I think Gwen Stefani is one of the most innovative designers around! She always comes up with something totally fresh and new and these fragrances and the packaging for them are great!

theresa n

I have to say Gwen gets top marks from me with her perfume. This is such an original idea with the bottles, I'm expecting others to follow her example.

Heidi Todd

I am a collector of perfume bottles and I have to say I am so excited to get my hands on these.


I think these lovely bottles will be highly collectible items in the future, so a good investment as well as a nice fragrance. A lot of people collect orientalia and I could see this sitting on someone's mantel or in a collectors' case very easily. Thank you very much!


Gwen has really done some fantastic stuff since I first fell in love with her a million moons a go in HS! then she married the guy I was mooning over in HS! she did so many things right. gotta love her, can't wait to see what she does next!


I think the figurines are so cute! I have not had a chance to actually smell the different scents although I have seen pictures of the figurines from various blog posts. Reading the different descriptions of the scents at nordstrom, I would say I would like Baby the most bcs "Baby: Powdery musk. Sparkling bergamot, tiare flower + jasmine petals and soft white musk." However, I think her hair looks like boba balls!!


Gwen is seriously such
a rawkstar!
From punky to classy,
she is one heck of
a lady! I'd love
to score one of her

I found your blog through
Spoiled Pretty's blog.
And I lurve it!

Kimberly Kelly

Gwen Stefani is such an amazing girl, she is a one of a kind beauty, & everything she presents in her lines represent her. These perfumes along with the adorable packaging are Gwen at her finest! I would love to take them for a test drive, & feel the exuberance of wearing one of America's most trendiest designers!


I am so excited about this giveaway. What makes me really love this is the cute, adorable packaging. I've don't actually know what it smells like though....


The first time I heard about these perfumes were from a magazine.. they were all soooo adorable! I want them all!


"Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style
I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan

Work it, express it, live it, command your style
Create it, design it
Now let me see you work it
Create it, design it
Now let me see you work it

You bring style and color all around the world. (You Harajuku Girls)"

("Harajuku Girls," by Gwen Stefani)


I tried these tonight and really love Music. It's so pretty! I also bought Gwen's Lamb perfume last week, which is fabulous!


I tried these the other day at bloomingdale's. I loved the "G"--it was ery coconutty--my daughter is blond, & I thought I would go back & purchase it for her since the bottle is so cute.

Tracey Byram

Musicians have a lot of influence on fashion. Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, could have taken the low road and look grubby and punk. Instead the two of them are setting a new stardard in style and sophistication.

Susan Gustafson

Oooh I love the adorable an collectable sweet perfume bottles! I have used up all my Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. and found it fabulous. I got so many positive comments on L.A.M.B. I hope this new line is as good or better! Nummy!


Thanks for reviewing this new fragrance line. I've been curious about them since I saw the cute bottles on In Style magazine a few months ago. My daughter loves Harajuku clothes and bags and I was planning to get her one of these bottles for Christmas!

Holly J. Cunningham

I love each and every one of these new scents - and the bottes are too cute!! There is something appropriate (scent-wise) for teens - those of us who've been around awhile and truely appreciate good fragrances!!!

Tina Renee

I am a total sucker for pretty packaging and the Harajuku Lovers fragrances couldn't be any more adorable! I have smelled them all and they are quite pleasing, especially "G" and Love!


I got a chance of seeing this on a store, and not only are they incredibly cute, but they are quite interesting as fragrance. I liked Music and Angel the most.


Gwen Stefani had incredible vision when deciding to use the Japanese Harajuku sub-culture to appeal to a greater spectrum of the US market. Harajuku Avenue is probably the Champs Elysee of the East and is a very attractive venue to those addicted to "cute factor" of these Asian girl figures. I will not be surprised if the perfume line does great, they are moderately priced, making them great stocking stuffers for teens from their cool moms, and for friend to friend gifts. Job well done, and I wish the line continued success, God knows we need cool but affordable merchandise at the moment. I know I will be purchasing some this holiday season for my girls, without even smelling them!
Thanks for reading!


So glad I found the link on Beauty in Real Life and I can't wait to check out the whole site!!! I hope I win these though, they are soooo cute!!


I love Gwen! I love how she does her makeup and also her music! I have not had the chance to try out her fragrance yet, but I heard good things about them. =)


these are creative and kool. i especially like the one with the 3 balls on her hair. shes a total babe. =D


I read about these in the latest issue of LouLou magazine and have been really wanting to try them out. My 3 year old niece loved the plastic puppet bottles in the pictures, so looks like she will be getting them after I'm done with them :)

Vicki Wurgler

they are so cute-I've seen them advertised in magazines-the scent Lil Angel with the raspberry and pear sounds nice

Vicki Wurgler

they are so cute-I've seen them advertised in magazines-the scent Lil Angel with the raspberry and pear sounds nice


Hey, I just came across your site after seeing this linked on Yummy411....and in the nick of time to enter the contest, right?

Seeing this line on a number of different blogs first piqued my interest. The bottles are undeniably adorable. I especially love 'G' since she kind of looks like a little (more funky) version of me, with the blonde hair and bow! (I wore one all the time when I was young.)

I had the chance to sniff them in a department store a week or two ago and the scents don't disappoint either. I'm not sure which is my favorite. 'Love' was pretty good, I think I could imagine wearing it to go out. ven though I adore the bottles I'm very indecisive and wasn't ready to justify a purchase at the time. (Plus, I was meeting people for dinner in the mall..) That's why I'd be really excited to win one. Thanks for holding the contest.


I'm new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP...

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