Sunday, July 20, 2008

Line An Eye With Laura, Redpoint, Sephora or Sorme

Four types for four different reasons. Make a statement with one of these.


REDPOINT StayPut Eyeliner in Conga ($21 @

water-resistant * smudger on one end * universally flattering metallic brown


SEPHORA Deep Kohl! Waterproof Liner in Keep Blue ($8 @

waterproof * kohl liners are highly pigmented * Smudger on one end * sharpener included


LAURA GELLER Double Eye Appeal Pencil ($19.50 @

one side is a highlighter, one side clarifier * both sides are very blendable * sharpener included


Jetliner by SORME COSMETiCS ($14 @

liquid liner * easy to maneuver application wand * flake-free formula


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Leticia Fontaine

Hey! I found you through Google. I am really interested in that Sephora liner. The smudger looks useless, but I love the idea of a waterproof kohl liner. That deep blue color would be very versatile, and I bet it would work as a base to shadows as well.


Hi Leticia - I actually really like smudgers on the end of liners. And the deep blue is a nice alternative to black.

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