Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bourjois Does An Eye Good!

Bourjoissss_2Have you ever applied a product, stepped back and declared, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” It doesn’t happen often but it did for me with BOURJOISnew Shimmering Shine Liquid Eye Shadow ($16 @ ulta.com). This shadow has single-handedly got me really excited about beauty right now. Remember Suki shadow we featured last week? Same level of excitement! Wow, two weeks in a row!


Here’s the skinny: The formula is 55% water so that combined with the ultra-pearlized pigments leave you with a shimmering metallic finish that is sooo beautiful! And it also dries quickly to a water-resistant finish, from what I experienced. Color picks: Gris Platine (silvery grey with a blue accent) and Brun Magnetique (ultra iridescent brown).




And here’s even more good news, we have 20 to giveaway to you! Click here for more details.


Decorative Diva

Because of the shiny metallic finish, I think this will be a great shadow to wear out at night. I particularly like the Rose Electron and the Gris Platine.


Oh pick me! I saw these were on sale at sephora and was curious!! I'm curious of how a wet look around the eyes will look.

Colleen N.

Sephora has these on sale for $11.20. I wonder how well they would layer with other products? I sometimes layer two colors of eye liner - one matte and one a little shimmery - but I'm not sure if this would be too watery to layer...


Hi Deco Diva - The Gris Platine (dark grey) is the one to wear out at night. I'm surprised they only did one shade this dark. Maybe they will be adding colors to the line? We'll see!


Hi Colleen and Nikki - I'm not sure how they would look layered with a powder but I'll try it or if you win one, you can try it! It doesn't seem to wet to layer and it dries after a few seconds.
There is a picture in that Allure magazine (month escapes me) that shows the wet look and it is pretty cool.


Is metallic coming back? This is out and Bobbi Brown's new metallic line is coming out soon. Or have I just been out of it for a while? I always thought metallics were geared towards (ahem) younger women.

tiffany lane

i am really looking for something to make my eyes pop.


Hi TrishKet - Metallics have been hot since last fall, from what I can see, and more lines are adding some to their line.


I've never used a liquid eyeliner / eyeshadow before. I have oily lids, would this make me even more dewy? I wanna know...


I found you at the Bloggy Carnival! My name is Joy and I'm a SAHM to two little girls. Your site is really cool and chic!!!

Estelle S.

I've never tried this brand, but I have been wearing metallic eye shadow for a few months. I have a light blue color, but I'm definitely thinking of trying a darker shade. I always wear my contacts when I wear it because it's definitely not something you want to hide behind glasses. I, too, am curious to see what, if any, colors they will be adding.


These look really sparkly and lovely! It would be great if I could try this out! Thanks!

Angela Palmer

These look interesting, but I'm a little afraid of metallics. I'm not a kid anymore and I don't think I can get away with anything too flashy. Maybe if I try one of the more neutral colors?

Spork Fashion

We are MySpace friends :) I definitely want to try these. I LOVE the Chanel liquid eye shadows, but they are twice the price as these, harder to find, and only come in six colors.


I've never bought any Bourjois products, but i've sampled a few at sephora. I really like their liner clubbing, cause it goes on so smoothly! I hope i can say that for all of their products!

amandasue h.

I'd love to try this, I like anything that is shimmery! And its always hard to find good products that work like they say they will.

Catalina K

So far I have only tried the powder-type of eyeshadow so I don't know what the liquid ones feel like on the skin and how resistant they are. Also, I have never tried a Bourjois product, which makes me even more curious. I truly like the shades you are giving away. Thank you.


Hi Angela - One of the lighter colors would be great to start off with to see how you liked them. And I would wear it for the night as night is more forgiving!

Teresa Hoyt

I am so boring when it comes to my makeup! I would love to try this and feel sexy for once!


I am a powder eye shadow user currently and have always wondered how to get that dramatic look that I love so much. I guess this is it. I am always being told what beautiful eyes I have and would really love to accuante them. I would so love to try out this product. I heard about this over at bloggy carnival and knew that this was one prize I would really love to win. I will have to get to the mall a Sephora just opened there.


I am hoping that this won't be a double post but mine seems to have been lost in cyberspace.

I would love to try out liquid eye shadow, I only have used powders and could never achieve that dramatic metallic look I like so much. I have a feeling that this would do it. I have always been told that my eyes are my best feature and I would love to accuante them to the fullest. Please enter me into your giveaway.


I have such a hard time finding an eyeshadow that does not smudge and wear off. I have to be careful with loose powders since I wear contacts, so would love to try a liquid eyeshadow with staying power.

I'd probably get the most use out of Brun Magnetique but Gris Platine is also very pretty.

Indian Girl

Liquid to powder shadows are great! I have tried the ones from Ulta and was very pleased with what they do. They act as a great base, go well as a single color shadow. I also use them as an eyeliner with an angled brush. Its super easy to apply coz it starts out as a liquid and gives a flawless powdery finish.
Would love to win these!!!

Indian Girl

Liquid to powder shadows are great! I have tried the ones from Ulta and was very pleased with what they do. They act as a great base, go well as a single color shadow. I also use them as an eyeliner with an angled brush. Its super easy to apply coz it starts out as a liquid and gives a flawless powdery finish.
Would love to win these!!!

Kat C.

Ive actually never had eyeshadow that is as liquid as this before. It really piqued my interest! I know i will like this, because i always apply my eye shadows foiled.

Bobbye F

I have been thinking of trying a liquid eye shadow for a few months now. It is hard to break the habit of buying the same old, same old but I broke down a week ago and finally even bought liquid eyeliner!!! I love it and will not go back to the pencil!
After reading your review I am ready to try the Brun Magnetique liquid eye shadow. I hope that I will be as thrilled and excited as you were!

Terresa C

I absolutely love this type of shadow, I've tried them from several different lines. I have had a problem with some of them though, that the liquid in them evaporates kind of quickly (well before I'm done with the shadow). Does anyone have any ideas about what could be added to them to "re-liquify" them? TIA!


I have never tried a liquid eyeshadow and I'm actually very curious to see how these would work out. I'm wondering if these would even work as a base for powder shadows, sort of like a MAC paint pot. I would love to play around with these and see. They are very gorgeous and Bourjois makes some great products!

Jackie B.

I would like to try these. I always like to try before I buy. We just got a new Ulta in our town and I have not been there yet. Saving up my money first because I know I could go wild once I walk through the door. I love beauty products!


I like that the majority of the formula is water. It reminds me of foiling eyeshadow with water, which typically makes the eyeshadow look totally different than when applied dry. I've never tried waterproof eyeshadow before! I've been considering the MUFE eye seal, so this just made my list of things to check out!

Stacy Baker

I have never used liquid eye shadow, but I would love to! I feel it would be quick and easy to get a pretty eye look. I have also never tried any Bourjois products and as a new make up junkie I wouldn't mind trying them out!


I have always wanted to try liquid eye shadow but never had the guts to! Winning this contest would be a great way to break out of that shell and try something new!


I also have never tried a liquid eyeshadow so this would be alot of fun to win. I have alway's just went to the drugstore and picked out the same types of makeup that I have used for years out of nothing but habit. Now, since I have started reading the beauty blogs, I am making a list of new products that I want to try. It's alot of fun and I really appreciate the review's which definately helps me make a decision whether to buy or not.
Good luck all and thanks for the giveaway!


I have heard so much good stuff about Bourjois, but it's never available here in the Philippines. So I would love to give this a try and I've seen fellow beauty bloggers who have used this and the colors came out really GOOD!

Pamela White

I have liquid eye shadow and love the smoothness of application and the staying power. I am not the most adept at putting on make up. The easier it is for me the better.

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