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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Guess Which Fragrance This Is?

Guess_2OK, bad title but it set this next product up perfectly, no?
I had an interesting conversation about fragrances with a good friend when we were at the mall the other day. She sticks to light or flowery scents for both day and night during the summertime. I still think you can mix it up in the summer with heavier and lighter scents. Take this GUESS BY MARCIANO Eau de Parfum Spray ($65/3.4oz @ It’s a spicy floral or spiflo, as I call it, with the top notes being star fruit, grapefruit, orange curacao and cardamom (ginger), middle of pink honey suckle, peony and jasmine, and base of wood, vanilla, musk and dulce de leche. When I described this one to her before we hit one of the major department stores, she said she’d probably only wear it in the non-summer months as it sounded too heavy for hot weather. But I am happy to report she changed her mind when we sampled it at the counter. “This one is great for day or night and in any season. It’s soft and feminine but still has a slight sexy bite to it.” You heard her loud and clear.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hair Color Do

Kid tested, Mother approved. Cybelesays tested, Cybelesays approved.


(From L to R):
JOHN BARRETT Be Healed Styling Masque ($38/5oz @
AG HAIR COSMETICS Colour Savour Sulfate-Free Shampoo ($20/8oz @
PRAVANA Hydrating Intensive Leave-In Treatment ($12.99/10.1oz @




Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting To The Shea of Things - Part IV

Here we are at our last installment of awesomely Shea, Shea Butter products, so here are six more pleasing ones to sexify your skin.





  1. TREAT BEAUTY Cacao Lip Scrub ($16/1oz @
  2. HAMADI Shea Hair Cream ($24/4oz @
  3. LALICIOUS Lily Mango Body Butter ($22/7.3oz @
  4. EMINENCE ORGANICS Lip Trio Kit ($60 @
  5. COLLECTIVE WELLBEING Hand Cream – Shea Butter/Chamomile ($11/3.5oz @
  6. CLINIQUE Deep Comfort Body Butter ($23.50/6.7oz @ and
Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Winnie The Pooh Approved

Honey has to be one of my favorite scents on the planet and any product highlighting it takes front and center. Need a great quality scrub? LE COUVENT DES MINIMES Honey Skin Softening Sugar Scrub ($28 @ is one that doesn’t disappoint.Lecouventdesminimes_2 This 14.1oz glass jar contains a fine granulated sugar as a base and adds almond, apricot and grape seed oils to not only slough off that dead layer of skin, but also tantalize the nose in the process. And it even comes with it’s own wooden spoon to scoop the product out. Big recommendation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Up Close And Personal with Ineke

I’ve heard that when a woman wears a fragrance, only those physically closest to her should be able to smell it. It’s like her own secret that she chooses to share with a select few. And this next one is just up that alley and has great staying power. Please help me welcome INEKE’s newest scent Evening Edged In Gold ($88/2.5oz @ It is not overwhelmingIneke2_2 when I put it on and could only smell it when I waived my wrist about five inches past my nose. Wrangle him closer with top notes of gold osmanthus and plum. He’ll come a few inches closer when he smells that middle notes of angel’s trumpet, saffron and a dash of cinnamon. Know that he’s all yours when he gets whiff of the base notes of midnight candy, leather and woods. Also, check out their sample collection, which allows you to sample a 1/5ml vial before committing to the bigger sizes.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Soul Patrol? Soap Patrol!



JELLY PONG PONG is branching out from cosmetics into bath and body. Please help me welcome Soap Popsicles! How cute and summery are these?? Each 2.5oz bar on a stick is made with kosher glycerin and the scents are just as pleasing: Watermelon (red, white and green and no seeds!), Neapolitan (pink white and brown scented of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), Lolli-Choc (looks and smells like a real fudgesicle), The Love Stick (clear pink smells of raspberry) and Looney Lemon (clear and smells of lemonade)


$7 @ 

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Go Green Packaging

A few weeks ago, we touted the importance of packaging and how most people might miss a good quality line because the packaging is, well, been used over and over again.Stilarefillesandkitten STILA put out this collection last summer and I have to say one of the best parts about it was the sleek metal containers they came in. So much better than the cardboard ones! So if you are going green, they have now made these refillable single eye shadow (shown here in Kitten) and cheek color Aluminum Containers ($2 @ a permanent part of the line. Love these!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Heavenly Nose Part … Four

What do you think when you smell a pleasing beauty product? I seem to assume that if it smells nice, it must work, right? Wrong! There are a lot of them out there that yes, they smell nice, but belong in the trash. Here’s our last installment of products that not only perform up to par but also smell heavenly.


  1. C.O. BIGELOW new Body Wash in Wild Berry ($12/10oz @ from the Village Perfumer Body Care Collection
  2. NOAH’S NATURALS Rosemary Mint Conditioner ($10.99/10oz @ from the Organic line
  3. AROMAFLORIA Teakwood Foaming Body Wash ($20/8oz @
  4. BOOTH’S Shea Butter Cream Bath ($6.99/16oz @
  5. LINDEN LEAVES Ginseng and Orange Blossom Crème de la Crème Body Butter ($25.95/7oz @
Friday, May 02, 2008

Cream Yer Face, Cream Yer Body


ZIA NATURAL SKINCARE Nourishing Crème ($36.95/1oz @

  • Contains eight cellular renewal ingredients
  • Certified organic
  • Priced right

BIOELEMENTS Vitalization Rich Intensity Body Crème ($49.50/8oz @

  • Frosting-like texture
  • Contains pure botanical oils
  • Nose pleasing scent
Thursday, May 01, 2008

* Ding-Dong* Avon Calling ...

Speaking of minerals, AVON just steered into the mineral makeup lane and put out a line of powder foundations, blushes and eye shadows. I, of course, gravitated to the powder foundation with Smooth Mineral Makeup ($10/.21oz). I couldn’t find any ingredients to the powder so I’m not sure if it is made with from pure minerals and if it has filler ingredients in it.Avon Anyway, out of 137 reviews on their website, 82% of them would recommend it, and so do I. And the price is so right. $10? Nice. The Smooth Mineral Eye Shadows ($8/.05oz) rated a little higher than the foundation and the packaging is the best I’ve seen for mineral shadows. There is a hole in the middle of the pan where you can stick the brush in to grab some color or dip your brush in the hole in the cap. Both @

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