Monday, May 19, 2008

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

MetropolisThis one arrived just in time. I love a good paddle for daily brushing and I was due for a new one. It’s the METROPOLIS Silver Nano Ceramic Paddle Brush ($14.95 @ and from the name, it contains the latest in technology. At first I thought this one might be best just for salons and not your everyday person. Let me explain and then you’ll see what I mean. The brush uses “nanotechnology to micronize particles of silver.” Huh? From what I can gather, silver has remarkable therapeutic properties and combined with the nano, it keeps the surface germ free and eliminates 99% of bacteria that can form on bristles of a brush. Ewww. If you think about it, I for one do not wash my hair everyday. Even though I’m not playing in the mud puddle outside, styling products can attract, well, dirt and other unmentionables. This technology used in the brush keeps the bristles clean so it’s almost like you are using a new brush everyday.


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