Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 6" Powerhouse

TprowithhandLet’s talk tools. This is a topic I like and know quite well. I recently tried T-PRO’s Slik Stik Mini ($19.99 @ with tourmaline nano ceramic technology. This little straightening iron heats up to 400 degrees in three minutes. It even comes with a glove to protect your hand from the heat and a storage pouch. How does it work? Flawlessly. It straightens just as well as its big sister but what I like most about is that it’s really light and easy to maneuver. I love this baby! As far as hair types it will work well on, it gets pretty hot so those with thick or curly hair will probably fair well with this one. Since there is no way to control how hot it gets, you might want to opt out of this one if you have fine hair.



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$19.99? Okay, I'm sooo getting this. Been looking for a while for something like this. Hopefully it works as great as you say! thanks so much.. Elke


Let me know how it works for you. I can't wait to take this one with me when I am traveling!


I am the inventor/importer of this item - there is also a professional variable temperature one that is good for thin/fine hair. It can be ordered online directly from our website or from professional stylists nationwide.

Nicole (Shop With a Vengeance!)

Wow, that's small! If I needed a travel straightener, I'd definitely look in to that one :)


I just purchased this product, along with the Silk Stik full size straightener and it works like a charm, the mini is great for bangs!! I have hard to manage hair and it wipped it straight in minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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