Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting To The Shea Of Things

I have long been fascinated with the ingredient Shea Butter. The two words are luscious and how it is used in beauty products is very nourishing. So we decided to do a four-part feature on Shea Butter products that are out there and ones that are worth trying out.


A little history – the nut is indigenous to Africa and how they get the butter is by extracting the yellow to ivory-colored fat from the fruit from the Shea tree. This is achieved by either crushing it or boiling it. It has long been touted for its superior moisturizing traits as well as its ability to fade scars, heal rashes and even work magic on stretch marks.


I’m sure you are aware that the closer to the top an ingredient appears in an ingredient list on the back of any product, the more of that ingredient it contains. But what I find funny, well peculiar actually, is that a product with the word Shea in the name can sometimes have it listed far down the list. So check the back of your products when it comes to this awesome ingredient to see how concentrated it really is. It should be listed in the top three at least and these all below are list it second and will appear as either Shea Butter or Butyrospermum Parkii. Here are some with Shea right up at the top, where it should be.





I am so in love with everything shea butter! Frederic Fekkai's shea butter collection is seriously amazing.


actually, I have their FF's Hair Mask on deck to try out. We will be running another feature on Shea Butter next week so check back!

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I am not familiar with shea butter,so that i am willing to try it. :)


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