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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hardcore Moisture

I love when I stumble upon a LUSH store as it doesn’t happen everyday. I was in Boston for the Holidays and came across one in Cambridge. Of course I had to stock up on my favorite BIG shampoo and try some new ones while I was sampling.Lushuse One of my new favorites from this excursion is Fever ($10.45/2.2oz @ It’s an oval moisturizing bar that you simply clutch and rub on. The scent is jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. So yum! And the red lips on the bar? They are slightly tinted to rub them on your lips.
I also recommend buying the Massage Bar Tin ($4.95) to keep it neat.

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Feature! *Quick Pick*

We’re starting a new on-going feature called Quick Picks. These are products we recommend but how much can you say about a new non-sticky lip gloss or a shade of eye shadow that really enhances blue eye? Not enough to make up a full feature. So we’ll just list the facts, Ma’am.

Smashboxdream No bells or whistles here, just straight matte burgundy is what you get with SMASHBOX Eye Shadow in Dream ($16 @ I have really dark brown eyes and this one is a great alternative to browns for the office. I even got two complements the first day I wore it.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It Puts the Lotion In the Basket

Healinggardenuse_2This is the perfect one for these cold weeks. Who wants to stand in a cold room after a shower to apply body lotion? The HEALING GARDEN Relax Therapy Green Tea Collection 2-in-1 Moisturizing Body Wash with Lotion ($6.39/7oz @ cleans and moisturizes right in the shower with vitamins A, E, and C. It took a few tries to get used to as it doesn’t lather up. This one is part of their aromatherapy line and this green tea scent restores your sense of calm with Asian sandalwood and peony petals. So relax, if only for a moment.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dancing Eyes with Bourjois

One of the main reason I love Kiss Me Mascara is its staying power so most others don’t pass my test. New on the scene is Volume Clubbing Mascara ($17) from BOURJOIS and this one stays! The formula is made with vinyl?Bourjoismascaraduo_2 Huh? Yup, the base is made with vinyl, which helps it stay put. And I’m so glad that mascara is becoming more than just the formula these days, as in the application brush is also a key factor. This brush is a little bigger than most but not unmanageable. Available in three fun shades – Absolute Black, Disco Blue, and Brun Remix. 


Also give a swipe with their Liner Clubbing ($16) is six cool colors. Both @

Friday, December 28, 2007

Get Ta Packing

TravelsFor a week long trip or a weekend, here are two take with you on the go kits that cover all your needs.

For Body - GOLDEN EARTH Travel Kit ($30 @ – Soothe Lip Balm, Desire Body Lotion, Nourish Hand Cream, Trek Foot Cream, Tranquility Bath/Hand Gel, Revive.

For Hair - VON NATUR Travel Pack ($15 @ – Crown to Sole Shampoo, Crown to Sole Conditoner, Complete Body Lotion.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mask O’ the Month by Shiseido

We’re always so head over heels with SHISEIDO’s cosmetics that we have not really devoted the time to their skin care line, until now. Their White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask ($66/6sheets @ seems especially made for this time of year. Not only do these somewhat Friday the 13th looking sheets hydrate but they also claim to penetrate deepShiseidomask2 enough to fade pigment spots in the skin. From what I read, it just says that it fades them; it doesn’t get rid of them altogether. To what degree are they washed out? No concrete evidence on that or from what my naked eye could see in trying them out. I don’t think using one of these masks for 10-minutes a week for 6-weeks would be powerful enough to rid the skin of them anyway.


If you are looking for a refreshing boost to your sallow skin this season, this is a good one to use. It uses a Multi-Target Vitamin C, Spot Deacti-Complex, and Asian plant extracts that Shiseido developed especially for this line of White Lucent products and these really seemed to plump up my skin.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Catwalk Queen

MilaniduoesI’ve been wanting to write up this next item for some time but didn’t quite know what to say other than I’m in such awe over them. Could it be that they are just so fun to look at that I just didn’t want to ruin the look by *gasp* using them? MILANI Runway Eyes ($7.99 @ CVS stores) are a great way to get creative on your lids. Each of the six colors in the palette sits like a 3-D bar so when you swipe, your brush really gets a nice dose of color on it. Like to layer color families? These make it easy to go from dark to light. Available in six haute couture palettes – Designer Browns, Fashionista Pinks, Couture In Pinks, Backstage Basics, Glamorous Gems and Beauty In Blues.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hair NOW!

Big hair, smooth hair, straight hair? What is it that you want?? Here are a few that will give you what you want and now.


SEXY HAIR CONCEPTS Big Sexy Hair So Pumped Volumizing Mist ($14.95/5.1oz @ – this time of year, all we ask is that you give big hair a chance. Contains a gel and thickening agent that uniquely locks strands into place while giving a soft finish.

JOHNNY B Fuddy Matte Gel ($11/4oz @ – made for men but I’m claiming it for women. Non-greasy water-resistant matte gel.

TiGI S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum ($20/8.45oz @ – protects against heating tools and smoothes the hairs cuticle. Big recommendation.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Pick - Scent Him Up


Xmas_2 Like us women who choose a scent by mood, now he can too.  And I say you can’t lose with giving a man a new fragrance for a holiday gift. The Well-Stocked Bar from JACK BLACK ($55/1oz each @ is three Signature scents in one ‘travel bar’ box – Signature Blue Mark (fresh - Japanese Juniper, ginger essence, and Watermint), Signautre Black Mark (warm – Kashmir Saffron, Cedar and Leather), and Signature Silver Mark (modern – Sri Lankan Cardamom, Wild Cypress and clear, clean woods).
Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Pick - More Ambiance

Xmas_6Anticachampagnehighres_3I’m giving a lot of these this season. ANTICA FARMACiSTA Home Ambiance Perfume ($88/16.9oz @ is such a nifty gift to give any host this season. This renowned Italian apothecary really pays attention to detail and delivers quality and they are really growing in popularity. The antique-like bottles house unique scents that you uncork, place the wooden reeds in the oils and moments later you have a subtly scents area. And their new scent, Champagne, is a festive delight that will get you through the New Year with parties you are attending.

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