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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Dreams Can Come True, It Can Happen To You ..."

Penuse_4I love when dreams come true. My dream in this case is that a candle I had came in a fragrance form ... and it does! How many times does that happen? PENHALIGON’S Lily & Spice Eau de Parfum ($85/3.4oz @ is such a striking scent. It’s the same notes as the candle so if you can picture fresh lilies and sharp spices, you have this scent. So unique and perfect for fall.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red, Red Lips

Why does the red lipstick give us so much pleasure? Was it the forbidden lipstick to play with in your mother’s handbag? Was it the shade you only saw on a model in a magazine? Did your favorite Aunt always wear the same shade of red lipstick as her signature? Did a beautiful gold case signify mystery and allure? All these things and more make up our love for red lipsticks and I’m very excited that this fall it’s all about RED LIPS. We will be featuring many of our favorites in the Red, Red Lips feature in the next three months. Just note that some colors in the tubes can be deceiving and appear a different color than on lips. Some companies do “Red” so well, that you might see multiple picks from the same brand. And away we go! ~Lisa





  1. Watch your lips grow with JOEY NEW YORK Collagen Boosting Lipstick in a stunning dark crimson berry cream lipstick called Later. Smooth and plump those lips up! Perfect for medium to dark skin tones. $18 @
  1. Follow the red brick road to RAMY BEAUTY THERAPY Lipstick in Thrive! Avocado Oil keeps your lips moist and soft. Excellent on medium to dark skin tones. $17 @
  1. VINCENT LONGO brings the rich drama of the glamour era to your lips with the dark red/dark pink semi-matte Velvet Riche Lipstick in Ignition. Lots of pigment and beauty! $23 @
  1. BENEFIT COSMETICS sticks it to you with their Silky Finish Lipstick in Frenched. The texture is between a gloss and lipstick and is one of those you can build more color the more swipes you apply. This cherry red gives off a lot of shine. $16 @
  1. Fair skinned beauties … yes you can wear red lipstick! CLINIQUE Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Red, Red, Red is definitely one to try. It’s lasts a long time and feels lightweight. $14 @
  1. Slow Burn is the name of this gorgeous true blue red aptly named Perfect Lipstick! In its sleek black lacquered case from the from the Very Sexy Line at VICTORIA’S SECRET, you will love to swivel up this classic crème formula. $12 @
  1. Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour from L’OREAL is hip and chic in its two step, two sided silver plastic case. Long lasting color on one side, a soothing balm on the other.  It does stay on and on and even has a built-in mirror. Try the color Crimson (deep red with a touch of wine) and smile pretty. $6.99 @
  1. The SEPHORA brand calls their Cream Lipstick No. 94 a Classic Red. It’s a creamy light (semi-sheer) true blue/red in a soft cream formula. Perfect for you “beginner” red lipstick wearers. $10 @

  2. It’s a lip stain, and a gloss and Scarlett is its name. LAURA MERCIER correctly named the color of her new Lip Stain in Scarlett. Use your hands and put as little or as much as you like and press into your lips. This has a satin, balmy finish…long lasting too. $20 @


Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Into Stila

The colors in StilasSTILA's Fall 2007 Fantasy collection sum up the seasons warm rich feeling. And each of their A Tale of Enchantment Palettes ($32) comes with its own Agate, which is long believed to give mystical power to the wearer. Here's the breakdown of each palette.

Laguna Agate - blue velvet case with sheer silver blue, electric blue-green shimmer, gunmetal silver shadows and rosy pink blush

Madagascar Agate - brown velvet with sheer peachy bronze, rich bronze and warm dark brown shadows and rose gold blush

Moss Agate - green velvet with sheer champagne, khaki shimmer green and dark green shadows and warm coppery brown blush

And for super color for the lips, Long Wear Lip Color ($18) is eight shades of fab in a twist up stick. No sheers here, just deeply pigmented colors like Paramour, a deep plum red and Coquette, a soft rose sheen. All @

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wash It, Wash It, Scrub It Too, With Blue Q

Soap, soaps, soaps, what’s not to love? Big bars of cleaning goodness and there are so many types to choose from these days. One of the kings or rather queens, in the case of this particular product, of the gourmetBlueq soaps is Pittsfield, MA’s BLUE Q. Never have I seen a line of goodies carried in so many different types of retail stores - make a point to look around the next time you are in a party goods store to a high end card store. They simply have something for everyone. On the top of my shower stand this month is their Mental Case Prima Donna Soap ($7.99/5oz @ Lathering up some White Tea and Rose Hips in the morning is a pleasant way to wake up in the morning.


I have a habit of hording cool candle boxes and now Blue Q soap boxes. Help!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skincare 101

The TESS line conducted research with hundreds of teens and their mothers to find out what teens wanted and needed in a skincare product line.Tesses And what they came out with is a full range of products that address every need. But heh, some of them are good for us gals in the next generation too. I love to try masks on the weekends and these two next TESS masks were absolutely great for my skin. Mask O’ the Month? I think so. And right now you can purchase an unbelievable deal and get two for $20! The Go Undercover Strawberry Soothing Face Mask feels cooling and hydrating on the skin and You can even leave it on overnight! The Magic Mud Mask Eucalyptus Face Mask absorbs oil and purifies but it doesn’t leave your face feeling dried out like some made of mud can. As a matter of face, my face felt as soft as it did after using the Go Undercover Mask. Why should teens have all the fun?? $20 for both 4oz masks @ ~Lisa

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Color Pick - Purple Passion NAILS

Finish off your purple look with some unexpected nails. Here are our picks:


  1. ESSIE Sole Mate ($8 @
  2. CHINA GLAZE Anklets Of Amethyst ($2.99 @
  3. CAROLYN NEW YORK Mugged on the Six Train ($6.99 @
  4. OPI Siberian Nights ($7.50 @
  5. RIMMEL Art of Noise ($3.89 @ Target strore)
  6. ORLY Vanguard Violet ($3.19 @
  7. CHINA GLAZE Draped In Velvet ($2.99 @
Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Color Pick - Purple Passion

If you are finding yourself a little bit bored with black, you are hardly alone. Black is still hip but don’t you want to sport the new "it" shade this season? It's vibrant, powerful and both fun and fabulous to wear. Purple was sizzling on the runways and seems to be dominating cosmetics especially for the eyes so wear wines, eggplants, violets, lilacs; any shade of purple on your lids and don't forget how wonderful it is to wear on your cheeks and lips. Here are our picks. ~Randi 

  1. KISS ME MASCARA in Dark Purple ($25 @
  2. CAROL’S DAUGHTER Natural Sexy Shine Lip Gloss new Purple Reign ($13.50 @
  3. SEPHORA Maniac Mat Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick in Mat 04 ($12 @
  4. PRESCRIPTIVES Single Colorscope Eye Color in Heather ($14 @
  5. LAURA MERCIER Eye Colour Matte in Black Plum ($20 @
  6. NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Swing ($21 @
  7. JAPONESQUE Touch-Up Tube, Purple ($19 @
  8. BOURJOIS Kohl & Contour Eyeliner Pencil in Violet Artiste ($11.50 @
  9. SONIA KASHUK Eye Definer in Purple Passion ($5.99 @ Target stores)
  10. DUWOP Violet Eyes ($32 @
Friday, September 21, 2007

Nail Stickers by Incoco

Incoco4_2Put this one on your shopping list for the upcoming holidays. It’s hard enough to know what you’re going to wear the big night of an outing and your nails? Who has time to squeeze in a nail appointment? INCOCO Dry Nail Appliqué ($5.99 @ will be your answer. It’s dry strips of nail polish that you simply fit to your nail size, peel off the back, stick and firmly crease all sides down and buff the excess top off. That’s it! And the colors are great – French Manicures to Red Velvet to Pink Satin. They have a shade for every gala.


Each kit comes with 20 thin strips, a buff stick, orange stick to help get into corners, and a polish remover cloth. Make sure to keep the silver package to store the ones you don’t use yet so they don’t dry out. All in all a great kit but I wish the silver package was a little bigger as the nail strips are a little hard to slide back in after it’s opened.
I’m on my 7th day of wearing them and only one nail “chipped.” That’s a passing grade for me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Calling All Cheeks

I sometimes get all caught up in eye shadows and glosses that I forget about blushes. One of my fall resolutionsPhyformblushessss_3 is to not forget about cheeks. PHYSICIANS FORMULA Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blushes ($10.49 @ are keeping me in line and at the same time looking beautiful! The several swatches of shades can blend together in the palette to sculpt and define cheeks. Three different blends to choose from. Picks are Blushing Berry and Blushing Mocha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Color Is September?


Tealeyes3September is earthy and warm with greens. VINCENT LONGO new Eye Shimmer Souffle in Oasis ($24 @ from their 2007 Fall Collection illustrates this beautifully.
And since we are on the topic of greens, Teal has to be my favorite shade for the season and I have to say I’m a little obsessed with it. GIELLA Creamy Liner in Lockness ($27 @ It’s the perfect shade of teal and the small pot goes a long way.

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