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Saturday, June 30, 2007

'Tis the Season - Lipstick - Benefit Cosmetics

BENEFIT COSMETICSBene_3 Silky Finish Lipstick in My Treat (the perfect vinyl pink) is a sensational sheer summer shade and is a wonderful winner. And ooh la la, the packaging just couldn’t be better with the character Lana adorning it. $16 @ ~Randi

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Curel Is A Major Foot Fixer

CurelNeed a tough working foot cream? CUREL Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream ($4.79/3.5oz @ contains all things hardcore for feet: Shea butter, coconut milk and naturally healing vitamin E. Now get to steppin' in those new sandals!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bliss Is the New 30

Untitled1_14BLISSnew The Youth As We Know It ($79/1.7oz @ is everything you want in an anti-aging cream and more. Really. It has the 10 major categories covered - from wrinkle relaxers to hydration. Just think of anything you could ever want a moisturizer to do and this one does it. I could go on and on about the ingredients inside but let’s face it, you want the bottom line, right? Go out and get it!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Which Beauty R U? Decide With Susanne Lang

Untitled1_17A new fragrance group is upon us from Canadian favorites Susanne Lang Parfumerie. The collection goes by SULA PERFUME and is all about playering, as in layering and playing with the scents. How fun! I've always been kinda nervous about layering any fragrances together for fear of coming out smelling like a department store. While each scent is sold in a 1oz form, they also pair them up to make decision time easy. My pick of the litter is the Butterfly Kiss + Lily Lotus layered set, Girl Next Door ($30/.5oz each @ Butterfly is airy freesia, heliotrope and jasmine and Lily is purple lilac, lily, lotus, a touch of mint and a base of skin musk. Together they make a full sexy bouquet!
And since it is so affordable, there's no reason not to try one or two of the six scents, preferably at the same time. Don’t you deserve a mental break today? Create it with Sula.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Tis the Season - Makeup

Untitled1_18MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Essentials Kit ($45 @ contains all the makeup prerequisites for summer. The Lengthening Waterproof Mascara not only resists all conditions (try swimming with it on), but it also contains D-Panthenol and Ceramides to nourish lashes. The Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil No. 7L is a highly pigments blue that glides on easily and really enhances peepers. If blue isn’t your thing, then try the black of Waterproof Eyeliner No. 1 and do up eyes a la Amy Winehouse. Also included in the kit is .40oz Eye Seal that will waterproof any shadow, pencil or glitter. And to get it all off at the end of the day? Use some of the .84oz of the Sens’Eyes. It will gently clean every feature and is mineral oil and perfume free.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sweat, Baby, Sweat

Skinceuticalssport2Who has time to worry about their skin when they are running around all weekend? Forget about it with SKiNCEUTiCALS new Sport UV Defense SPF 45 ($35/3oz @ It protects your skin when you’re sweating from exercising or running from one sale to another. You know when you see Lifeguards on the beach with the white stuff on their noses so it doesn't burn? It's zinc-oxide and this one contains a transparent form of it as well as other protective ingredients. It even protects your skin while you're swimming! Now that's amazing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Add A Touch of Moisture with Neaclear

NEACLEAR's Liquid Oxygen Leave-In Conditioner is a must for dry hair and scalp in these upcoming months. It contains chamomile, rosemary and sweet almond oil, which stimulate the scalp and helps control and nourish dry, frizzy hair. I spritzed it on my dry scalp and hair, and it felt soothing on my scalp and left my hair smelling really clean and fresh and feeling soft. $7.95/8oz @  ~Celena


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gaget O' the Month - Poneme

Untitled1_21This is too fun yet functional at the same time! PONEME Facial Disc is the first of cleansing applicator of its kind. Use your favorite cleanser and enhance the procedure with hundreds of ultra-soft silicone bristles to massage the face while you clean and stimulate healthy blood circulation. The plastic storage case/platform is the most ingenious part. It’s a slim hard plastic square that has a notch to hold the disc to let it lie flat and air dry. Speaking of the disc, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and using it is so relaxing that I tend to spend extra minutes massaging and cleaning my face and neck. It’s like tiny fingers massaging every pore! The Facial Disc comes in four seasonal colors: spring green, misty rose, light orchid and lavender blue. It’s time to throw out your sponges and washcloths and go Disc. $22 @ ~Lisa

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Make it a Brow Day with Lorac


This is a cool one if you are into styling your brows. LORAC Creamy Brow Pencil ($18 @ has a special formulation pencil on one side to fill in and define what you were not born with and a spooly to move the hairs in place. It really helps give your brows some oomph! Make a goal to focus on the look of your brows this week. After all, they really do shape your face. Available in four shades.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'Tis the Season - Philosophy Body Scrub

Untitled1_22I didn’t realize how far I had gone into sugar scrubs from the once loved salt scrub cateogry until I dove into PHILOSOPHY’s Old Fashioned Lemonade Salt Scrub ($25/23oz @ I reluctantly opened it thinking I would find huge salt granuels (this has been my experience with the last few) in thin lemon juice. What I found was sea salt granuels as big as sugar (forgot they pretty much can look the same) nestled in a thick lemon goo. Oh what a nice evening shower this one made! The website said this is a hot salt rub but I didn’t feel any kind of temperature change when using it. Did I miss something? It also claims to out perform any scrub on the market. I have not put it head-to-head with any others but I can say it’s up there.

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