Sunday, October 04, 2015

Michael Todd Soniclear Elite

By now you’ve either used one of these electric brushes to clean your face or are currently using one. I still have one friend who still thinks they look too harsh and will upset her skin. Wow, that’s so 2007 just before Oprah named the very first one as one of her favorite things!

And wow have they come a long way since then. Like now there is one MICHAEL TODD Soniclear Elite  comes with a patent-pending C-Boost Collagen Technology button to stimulate circulation, which is a first. But the real selling point for me is the antimicrobial brush heads to protect them from growing bacteria. With another brand of brush, I kept a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol inside and sprayed the brush head after each use. Now I don’t have to!


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Thursday, September 24, 2015

NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection

14 pieces make up the Fall 2015 Color Collection and making its official launch in it is the Velvet Shadow Stick (8 different shades) shown here in Sukhothai (shimmering peacock) and Glénan (navy) $28.

For the collection, François Nars was inspired by the eyes. “It just seemed like the collection needed to revolve around eyes and especially how eye color and texture can convey not just character and mood but a period in time, be it an era or a decade or even a season.” 



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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Will Your Eye Shadow Move With These Primers?

The CIATE LONDON line is really branching out from nail polish to other makeup categories like with these Cooling Eyeshadow Slick Eyeshadow Primers ($16 @ These shadow primers are different from others that I’ve tried as the formula is super thin, and almost immediately dry down after applying and don’t move. 


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