Monday, September 01, 2014

Coolest Beauty Gadget I’ve Seen In … Forever!

Have you ever used a knife in a restaurant to see if you have anything stuck betweetn your teeth? Why don’t you just use your phone to see that? Huh? Well if you had the GLAM SCREEN on my iPhone, I could use that instead! This Super HD Mirror Screen Protector ($24.99 @ is probably the coolest beauty “gadget” to come along in some time. When your phone is off, you can use the screen like a mirror and it’s pretty clear too, not crystal like a real mirror but clear enough to get you by. And it acts like a regular screen protector (and installs like one too), so why not have one on your phone that does double-duty?


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Finally Found! 2 For Full-Proof HAC-ing!

Have you tried HAC-ing yet (highlighting and contouring)? I mean really tried it like you see in the picture below by @DressYourFace and do your whole face? I have but not this heavy and I still can’t get it to look right all around my face; just parts of it. Like I have the cheeks down and then around the outside of the face, well, most of the time it looks right … I think.


Part of the reason I think I always feel it could look better is that I feel like I’m using the wrong brush and wrong shades of HAC-ing powder. I made some recommendations from some palettes here but for me it seems that most of the shades work for me but not all of them, for the most part, in a given palette. Maybe I just need to take a few of them to someone who really knows how to do it and get a tutorial already! Or, I can just stick to keeping it simply with these next two that I find work great for me. 


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall Product You Need to Know About

Are you ready to talk fall makeup yet? September issues and all that jazz? Now that my birthday has passed, I’m ready, so let’s start with some standouts … 



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